These rules apply to both this website and any official extension of the community such as the Discord chat. Those other services may have their own additional rules but the above applies across all official THP channels. A ban from one location may result in a ban from all other locations.

Discretion is used by the moderation staff to apply the rules and keep a healthy community.

For purposes of intellectual property or copyright, every post or story belongs to its author. THP makes no claims of ownership nor does it endorse any and all views possibly expressed therein. THP acts as an open platform that allows users to self-publish. It is up to the poster if they wish to post their content elsewhere in whole or in a modified form. However, be aware that, unless a post violates the rules or US law, posts or stories will not be removed from the site. See also the privacy page for more details.

New rules or alterations to existing ones may be made as deemed necessary as the above is not intended as an exhaustive list.

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