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It is dark. This is where contest entries go. A spider's silken thread leads back to the rules post: >>/gensokyo/17142
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I might need another 24 hours. Not going to pretend I finished mine on time, but assuming I do it'll definitely need a proofreader wrangled up.
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File 171261562064.jpg - (126.80KB, 500x500, F5az0hzb0AAnWS-.jpg)
In the land that the Outside World forgot, the immortal collapsed to the ground. Some thought of it as being because of the gargantuan dessert she'd been spotted eating, but others thought it to be for more unnatural causes. In cases such as these, it meant that only one solution could be relied upon.

It was time to call in an Incident Resolution Specialist. This was the opinion of Keine Kamishirasawa, who kept her face impassive in order to prevent the anger at Fujiwara no Mokou's state from surfacing. Thus, a courier from the House of Hieda was sent to fetch the Shrine Maiden, and Keine decreed that no one should touch Mokou's body - Or indeed move at all - until she had arrived. It seemed the smart thing to do.

In the flurry of activity immediately following her collapse, no one noticed the flash of deep blue or heard the jingle of chains as someone made for the nearest alley.

Mizuchi Miyadeguchi was in trouble. She was cornered and had no way out. It had seemed simple enough - Possess the immortal that the Hakurei had fought, use her to get to her next target. The Garden of the Sun wasn't far from here, and Yuuka Kazami was a safer bet than her other options, which really put into perspective just how much trouble she was in. Neither the shinigami nor the yama were worth considering. The smallest oni was an insane choice for similar reasons, and she wasn't sure she could possess the doll even if she could reach it. No, it was looking like one of the most dangerous youkai in Gensokyo was her only choice for the strange incident where Gensokyo's flowers had all bloomed.

She hadn't been sure if it was worth using that incident as part of her plan. It was hard to call it an incident at all. Perhaps she'd be better off skipping to the Moriya Shrine's appearance...

Mizuchi slammed her fist against the wall, then cursed under her breath as pain shot through it. Was this it? Was this as far as she could get? Trapped in some alley in what should have been the human village, but was instead a sad little place crawling with youkai? Her temper was threatening to boil over. Damn the Hakurei. Damn them all. She could hear a crow cawing somewhere on the rooftops above. A tengu? Perhaps. Perhaps just a regular crow. The problem was that she couldn't tell the difference anymore. The youkai were everywhere in the village. This was the best humanity could do? She wondered what the outside world was like. The world that had been cut off as the Miyadeguchi family's fate had been sealed.

None of this was solving her problem. She could spend her time in a seething rage at what the Hakurei had done when she wasn't at risk of capture. So, what to do? She'd found the alleyway as soon as she'd abandoned the immortal youkai's body, then found a deserted street since everyone was distracted and rushed through it to find another alley, this one more out of the way. It was a start, but it still left her without a host body and without a plan.

Not for the first time, Mizuchi wondered if it was all worth it. But then, she'd remember what she'd seen in her mortal body, and her rage would convince her that, yes, it was worth it.

A body...She couldn't possess any of the humans here. If she possessed a human, she’d be stuck to what that human could do. And given the fact that everyone was watching the unconscious immortal, there was no way she could use a human to leave the village. As if they'd do that regardless, given the yoke the youkai seemed to have them under. The Kirisame girl was the best she'd managed, and that had only been because she was the outgoing type anyway.

No, she needed a youkai's body if she was to continue. But the longer she waited, the more likely it was she would be spotted. The only saving grace was that, according to the newspaper, either no one knew that she, a vengeful spirit, was involved, or they were concealing that information for some strange and annoying reason. That didn't mean she could assume that the papers didn't know, but as long as she remained quiet and didn't call attention to herself, she could sneak through to where she'd seen the kappa. Probably.

Cautiously, she floated toward the edge of the alley to check if it was safe. No crows on the rooftops...Either they'd all been those damn tengu, or they'd been called away by those damn tengu. And the street was quiet. That was good news for her. At least, it all seemed okay until she heard a voice from two streets over. "Nobody move!" That was the Hakurei. She'd made good time. "She might still be around!" And that...Had been that intuition of hers. Mizuchi had learnt plenty about the Hakurei Shrine Maiden's intuition over the years. She just knew things. She could figure them out immediately. Just like the Shrine Maiden of her time...

No, wait. There she was. At the end of the street that Mizuchi was looking down, forcing her to scramble back into cover. Poking her head out much more cautiously, Mizuchi saw her. Red-and-white, the same colours as, in what she could only assume had been a cruel joke by the Ministry when they'd imprisoned her, Mizuchi's prison uniform. She was walking down the street, her eyes scanning from side to side and her gohei held in her hand. Mizuchi couldn't fight her. Not now, not ever. The Hakurei had always been on a different level to the Miyadeguchi, and this latest incarnation even more so. She'd not done it for years, but Mizuchi had seen her use that terrifying Musou Tensei skill of hers, and she never wanted to see it again.

Reimu would spot her in a heartbeat, and she wasn’t ready for that. Mizuchi backed up into the alley again, casting a glance behind her. There was another street...Except, no, because as she very carefully poked her head out of this one, she could see the Kirisame girl. That was even worse, because she’d possessed the Kirisame girl twice and her friends would no doubt be on high alert for any changes to her personality.

She looked the other way and suppressed a curse. On the other end of the street, she could see pink hair. Red wires and that damned third eye. Even Satori Komeiji was here. She'd hoped - Not a high hope, admittedly, but she'd hoped that knocking her out in the Bamboo Forest would have stuck for longer. She looked tired - But she always did - and she seemed out of breath from exertion - That happened whenever she walked anywhere - but there she was nonetheless, walking down the same street as the Kirisame girl. It was only a matter of time before she was close enough to sense Mizuchi's thoughts.

She needed an escape route. She could try and possess Satori when she got close enough, but it wouldn't work unless she got her on her own. This...Might be the end. There didn't seem to be a way out. Backing up into the alley again, Mizuchi grit her teeth, somewhere between despair and laughter at how quickly things had gone wrong.

They were getting close. Too close. This was it. This was how it ended. Not with the Hakurei held accountable for what her family had done. No, it ended in an alley somewhere in the human village as she was beset from all sides. Mizuchi pressed her back against the wall and clutched the loose chain of her handcuffs, waiting for the hammer to fall.

And something did fall.

Only, it wasn't the hammer. It wasn't a gohei, nor her mental defences under an assault by Satori Komeiji. No, it was Mizuchi who fell with a cry of surprise as she tipped backward, her arms and what remained of her legs flailing wildly. She crashed into the ground and felt the breath driven from her as she skidded backward. Before she could take to the air, she saw the light of the day outside disappear and was forced to wait a few moments for her eyes to adjust. "What - What the hell...?" She groaned as her shoulder ached. Her eyes slowly adjusted, and she blinked as she saw...A room. A storeroom? It looked like one. But - Why was she...?

Footsteps. Don’t lash out. Not when those trying to capture her were close. Remain calm. "Alright?" The footsteps stopped and the figure squatted down in front of her. A man. It was a man - One of the humans who lived in the village. Eyes a vaguely reddish brown. Long black hair. His build wasn't that dissimilar to the oni in Former Hell. Broad and strong looking. This wasn't the part that gave Mizuchi pause.

No, it was the fact - The annoying, slightly painful fact - That he looked exactly like the Hakurei boy she'd known while she was alive. Couldn't be more than a coincidence; Reimu Hakurei was the only Hakurei descendant of the line to her knowledge, but...Good Gods, he looked almost exactly like that boy.

Regardless, she was still in danger and this new development hadn't changed that. "Who are you?" Mizuchi hissed. "Are you trying to attack me?" She kept her voice as quiet as she could whilst still being threatening. She was certain that her pursuers were either already in the alley or right next to it.

"Attack?" The young man's brow furrowed. "What attack? You knocked." He looked over his shoulder at the wall. "Heard the door, then heard some swearing. Figured I'd wait for you to cool off and then open it." Pausing, he looked a little embarrassed. "Didn't - Er, Didn't realise you were leaning against it, though. You're a lot lighter than I expected."

"Knocked...?" Mizuchi repeated, dumbfounded. That wall was not a wall. It was a door. A door. She'd gone flying through. "I - Er, door...?" The vengeful spirit blinked until the world made more sense. "But why did-" And then she fell silent. The wall that was actually a door was not silent. No, behind it, there were voices.

"Reimu - Any luck?" Mizuchi forced her mouth shut and reminded herself that she was a vengeful spirit and didn't need to breathe. "No sign of the spirit here. Satori looked like she was getting a headache, though, so I told her to take Mokou up to the Shrine." The Kirisame girl sounded tired. "Looks like she might have given us the slip."

"Every time." Reimu growled. Mizuchi almost growled back, but stopped herself. "She keeps getting away from us. It's driving me insane. She's probably already hitched a ride on another body and ran off. Still, I..." Reimu's voice stopped for a moment and Mizuchi could almost feel her still heart hammering against her chest. "Something..." That damn intuition of hers. "What's through here?" Reimu asked, and Mizuchi's eyes widened. She was going to check. Before she could think, she'd lurched forward to grab the man's sleeve. He looked back at her in confusion, and she frantically shook her head. Bringing her hands together in a plea, Mizuchi silently tried to ask him to hide her. There was a knock on the door. "Hello?"

The man rubbed his bristly chin for a moment. It felt like an eternity to Mizuchi, but he finally nodded and pointed her to a pile of boxes in a corner. Almost wilting in relief, she took off in that direction, floating up and over the pile to find a tiny space within that couldn't be seen from the outside. She took cover immediately, finding a tiny hole in the pile through which she could see the man, but not out of the door. "Hello!?" She heard Reimu shout a second time.

He pulled the door open with a groan. "Yes, hello. What the bloody hell do you want? Causin' all sortsa racket... Hakurei, yeah?" Mizuchi held her breath and noticed with some panic that her chains still jingled if she moved just a little too much. "Yanno I got work to do, don'tcha?" The man was going to cover for her, it seemed. He'd only just met her, but he was willing to lie to Reimu Hakurei's face for her? What a strange person.

...It still didn't help that he looked like that Hakurei boy she'd once known. It was pulling at her silent heartstrings.

"Yeah? Well, so do I." The Hakurei, of course, never quailed. "You've not seen anyone around recently, have you? No one with, uh, missing legs? Floats? Vengeful spirit, s'what I'm trying to say." Mizuchi couldn't see her, but she could tell that Reimu was scanning the room. "We've already got a girl in bad shape back there, and I'd rather you didn't give me reasons to be suspicious. She might have possessed you. How do I know it’s you I’m speaking to?”

"What fuckin’ spirit’s going after me?" The man replied dryly, crossing his burly arms. "Ain't seen no one through these streets since the commotion over there started. Don’t need you getting all suspicious, thanks.” Mizuchi reminded herself once again that she didn't need to breathe. It wasn't just Reimu outside, after all. The Kirisame girl was dangerous too.

"You're not hiding anything, are you?" Reimu asked with suspicion in her voice. Mizuchi hated that intuition of hers. It made no sense. How could she know that he was hiding her? "I know we don't get along, but-" Wait, they knew each other? But - Mizuchi had been watching Reimu Hakurei for years, and she'd never seen this guy before. Oh, Reimu didn't spend much time in the village, and Mizuchi didn't keep an eye on her all the time, but surely, she'd have noticed this, right?

"No, I'm not bloody hiding anything, Hakurei. Unless it's my general disdain for you barging into my shop, that is. Anything else?" Her saviour also disliked the Hakurei. This...Could be useful. Useful in the way an unexpected windfall was. "Otherwise, I'm busy enough."

"...No. No, that's it." Reimu's voice had a bit of suspicion, but there was something... "Fine. Whatever. Come on, Marisa. Back to the Shrine. You might have to head for the mountain. Try and warn them before she gets there." No, she'd lost it. "We'll never catch her at this rate." Reimu's voice faded as she got further away until finally, the man slammed the door shut and Mizuchi breathed out gratefully with a sigh of relief.

"Right. Come back out." The man told her. Mizuchi floated out from behind the boxes, just barely keeping the tremors from showing on her gloved hands. That had been far too close for comfort. "I think you've got something to tell me. Why's the bloody Hakurei looking for you?"

Mizuchi felt the fires of her grudge stoking themselves. The Hakurei... "She wants me dead. I want revenge on the Hakurei for what they did in the past. Simple as that. I'm only here because of what those bastards did." Keep calm. She forced herself to repeat it in her head a few times. No point scaring off a potential ally. "You don't like the Hakurei either, do you? You could help me out."

"...Help." The man repeated blandly. "Help you." Mizuchi floated up to his height, which took her surprisingly high from the floor. She did struggle to tell how far from the floor she actually was with no legs, though. "I'm supposed to run screaming in terror from a vengeful spirit in my shop."

Mizuchi thought about that. "But you haven't."

"No. I considered it when I realised you weren't human, but..." He paused. "I could probably call the Hakurei back before she gets away, though." Mizuchi felt panic shoot through her. "Don't really want to, though. You weren't wrong; I don't really like Reimu Hakurei."

"What are you getting at?" Mizuchi finally growled. "I just need to possess a youkai so I can get out of here. Someone who lives on the mountain." No, Yuuka Kazami was not a good decision. Regardless of her personal strength, she lived in a place that had appeared in Reimu's past. A place that...No, best stay away from Mugenkan. Skip straight to the Moriya Shrine. "Are you going to turn me in or not? If you do, I'll likely be dead within the hour and you'll be the hero that caught the criminal that even Satori Komeiji couldn't catch." There was a chance that they would just imprison her again, but...With her record, there was a much more likely chance that they would finally cut their losses.

"...What's your name?" The man asked. "You look...No, not like her, but - There is a resemblance there..." Muttering under his breath, he stepped closer to her. She suddenly realised how big he really was. Brawny, muscles like an ox.

"...Mizuchi. Miyadeguchi." She growled. No, she was still in a bad situation. Just because he had not ratted her out yet didn't mean she was free. That it was a human who held her freedom like it was the chains on her wrists and around her neck stung more. That it was this human stung the most. "What's your name?" Mizuchi shot back. What had been the Hakurei boy's name? Takeru? Something beginning with 'T...' She'd shouted it at the boy often enough and said it for more amorous reasons besides, but her memories had a way of fading into hazy echoes.

"Teka." He replied with none of the hesitation she'd shown. "And no, I'm not related to the Hakurei." The words sounded practiced. Like he said them a lot.

"Never asked." Mizuchi replied immediately. "Don't assume my interests." She'd definitely been a little curious, but why should she care? It was the Hakurei herself she was after.

...Why indeed.

"People always ask. Apparently, I look like the Hakurei's mum." Mizuchi didn't see it. He looked like the boy she'd known. Teka watched her with an increasing frown. "While I don't like the Hakurei much, I don't particularly want any trouble, so...You should just leave." And here, Mizuchi found her new biggest problem.

She didn't want to leave yet.

Not just because she still had little chance of making it out of the village, but because seeing Teka had brought back memories. Memories that had become hidden - Buried under years and decades and over a century of hatred. Memories of a certain Hakurei boy. Memories of their time together. Memories, though she was horrified to find her cheeks heating up to think of it, of her throaty, raspy moans as-

"You're staring." Teka told her. "And…Drooling."

Snapping herself out of her thoughts and certain that her face was redder than Hoshiguma's horn, Mizuchi wiped a gloved hand across her mouth. "Haven't thanked you. For hiding me." She muttered. She shouldn't. She really shouldn't. Aside from the fact that she was a vengeful spirit and had other things to be doing, she couldn't try and seduce this boy just because he happened to be a Hakurei lookalike. Fortunately, mental gymnastics existed for just such an occasion, so it was easy to convince herself that she was stuck here until Teka agreed to help her get out of the village. "Can't leave yet. Too many eyes." Mizuchi muttered. "You could help me. Let me possess you and get to the kappa. She sells things in the village, right?" Mizuchi had seen her earlier, poorly disguised. "And - I need to repay you for letting me hide." She floated closer. It was because she couldn't leave without being caught. That was why. Not because he looked just like him. Not because she wanted to know how alike he was…

Teka crossed his arms and stared at her. "Not really in the mood for being possessed today." He rumbled, eyeing the handcuff around Mizuchi's neck. "How are you going to repay me when you're on the lam?" Mizuchi wanted to smile like she might have done when she was alive, but her vengeful spirit form had gained teeth. Sharp, spiky teeth that she couldn't imagine doing much for a village human. She'd gotten right in front of him and stopped, realising that she wasn't sure what to say in response. She'd been a vengeful spirit for far longer than she'd ever been a living human and her grudge and hatred had become her reason for living. She didn't really remember how to be seductive.

So, with little recourse, she paused, staring at him eye-to-spirit-pupil-eye. Perhaps if she just gave in and treated him like the Hakurei Boy... She didn't have to use the handcuffs at her disposal for just possession, anyway... She was a vengeful spirit, so doing something naughty was just what she was supposed to do, right? It wasn't wrong at all. Not even if she... "Let's get cosier." Mizuchi muttered. Teka looked across at her, frowning as her meaning filtered through his mind.

"Wait, wha-" He didn't get to finish his words before Mizuchi struck, spinning her handcuff around to enclose around his neck. Oh, it may have looked like he could have just pulled it over his head, but it wasn't a regular handcuff, and it wasn't coming off without her say-so. "What - What the hell-?" He grunted, trying to force the thing upwards. The handcuff held in place doggedly, like it was stuck there. Balefully, he watched Mizuchi as she fingered the cuff connected to her own neck. "...Of course. Vengeful spirit." He growled slightly as he continued pushing against the cuff. "What're you planning? I'm not interested in-" Again, she decided to skip the playing around. She reached out and pressed her gloved palms against his chest. Brawny was the right word. There was very little give to his chest - Just like...

She really was in a bad way if she was going to be making this comparison every few minutes. Maybe she needed this more than she’d thought. So, before Teka could finish speaking, she pushed herself forward, bringing her body against his. He was somewhat cool, but vengeful spirits ran unnaturally hot, so she wasn't all that surprised. "Kiss me." She told him. "Maybe I'll let you go." She wouldn't, but the incentive was something that - Tak! That was his name! Takumi Hakurei! She wished she wasn't wearing the gloves, but the cuffs around her wrists were difficult to remove and the gloves went underneath. "I'll repay you." Teka continued to frown, but he was refraining from whining or screaming, thankfully. "Kiss?" She asked again. Mizuchi wasn't entirely sure why she was so fixated on the idea, but she needed Teka to kiss her right now. To feel his lips - See if he kissed like Tak had...

"No way out of this...?" Teka muttered with a heavy sigh. "I can't help but feel a bit of an imbalance here." He muttered, shaking his head. "You know, a vengeful spirit in my shop is bad enough, but she's asking - Begging, really - Me to kiss her?" Mizuchi wasn't sure if he was speaking to her or himself anymore, but she didn't mind much regardless. She wasn't really sure how this whole seduction thing went, but she was probably messing it up. Still, at least he hadn't started screaming. He wasn't kissing her either, but it was a start. "Your body's very hot, Miyadeguchi."

"Vengeful Spirit perk, for what few of those there are." She kept looking at his lips. Damn her for not keeping an eye on the Hakurei when it had been the current iteration's mother. Did Teka really look like her? What if he was- No, just move on. At least for now. "Body runs hot. Kiss?" She asked yet again, a little more forcefully this time. She would have gone ahead and kissed him herself, but there was just something stopping her. Some sticking point in the back of her mind and she had no doubt it was to do with that damn Hakurei boy again. She slid her hands upward to his shoulders. Broad and rough - The kind of shoulders that were better suited to carrying logs of wood and heavy loads, not...Running a shop.

He sighed, parting his lips slightly. "A kiss." He murmured. "And a lot more besides, I imagine." His eyes travelled from her hair with the skull accessories downward, past the cuff on her neck and down her prison clothes. "Would you let me say no?"

Mizuchi thought about that. She probably...Should? That was how this sort of thing worked, right? With Tak, she’d never even thought of saying no. "...Should I?" She finally asked, her lips barely more than a finger's width from Teka's. "I’d wager you never get an opportunity like this again, boy."

"I thought you were asking me for a kiss."

"That's up to you." She settled on after thinking some more. Teka sighed once more, then pushed his head forward. Contact. His lips were cool - Relatively, anyway. He pressed them against hers in a chaste kiss. He didn't close his eyes either, continuing to watch her as well as he could. Mizuchi felt...Not much. It was skin against skin, but it wasn't hot. It was okay. It needed more...Force.

She prodded her tongue against his closed lips and he pulled back. "Come on..." Mizuchi muttered against his lips. "You must want more."

"You just said a kiss."

"I said it was up to you." Mizuchi was pleased that he hadn't started screaming, but less pleased about his reticence. The man was a much tougher nut to crack than the boy had been. Boy, she said. Takumi Hakurei had celebrated his seventeenth Summer when they’d become close. The man was hesitant; The boy hadn’t even known the meaning of the word. He’d have had her backed up against the wall, his dull red irises meeting hers as something else met her slick folds down below. He'd been bigger than her for years by then and while she'd been older, he’d gained a presence that could make her do about anything he asked of her. "I might have to start bearing a grudge if you let me do all this and don't do anything." She wouldn't, but if it got him going…

Teka watched her for a very potent moment before something seemed to shift in his mind. His hands dropped from the cuff on his neck and then, a moment later, Mizuchi felt them land on her hips and squeeze in a way that got a rise out of her. "Fine." Teka spoke. "Fine, you - Fine, Miyadeguchi." He raised one hand to grasp at her lower back and placed the other on the back of Mizuchi's head, then leaned forward. "A proper kiss." He murmured before touching Mizuchi's searing hot skin again. This time, Mizuchi couldn't stop the smile from coming to her face. She parted her lips.

Her tongue slipped out to prod against Teka's lips again, and this time, he acquiesced. His own lips parted enough for Mizuchi to push her tongue in and run it across his lips. His teeth were normal. It was a funny thing to think because her teeth had ceased being normal a long time ago. Idly as she felt his tongue press against hers, she wondered if she should keep his tongue from getting into her own mouth before he cut himself on her sharp teeth. What happened when you shoved your tongue down a vengeful spirit's throat, anyway? Any knowledge she’d once had had faded over time.

He still wasn't pushing the way she wanted, though, so Mizuchi took charge and forced her tongue a little further. Teka's mouth was warmer than his body, but still cool compared to her. She found it a little disappointing. Mizuchi could feel him push back slightly harder now, and his hands squeezed slightly harder on her back and the back of her head. She pushed her tongue deeper, and finally she felt a stirring in the pit of her stomach that she'd been dying to feel for decades. He seemed to be pulling her , and she let her body crash into his, the ghostly energy of her legs swirling around him. With her breath coming out hot and heavy, Teka finally broke the kiss. He was breathing heavier, but he didn't make any moves. "...Better." Mizuchi finally forced out. "Good - Good kiss." He was a good kisser. Damn it all. Once he got into it, he kissed her just like Tak did.

And something pressed against her. Something hot. She locked eyes with Teka. "...Fuck." He muttered. "Been…Been a while." Well, there was no way she would stop now. She still had her hands on Teka's shoulders, but they both knew what was going to happen. Sure as the chains that connected the two cuffs around both of their necks.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Mizuchi told him, her voice sharp. She’d not realised that she needed it until they’d kissed. “Do you hear me? I’m going to have sex with you, boy.” She looked into Teka’s eyes and was pleased to find him a little less reticent than he’d been before. Could a vengeful spirit get pregnant? That might be a pertinent question. Mizuchi wasn’t sure any vengeful spirit had wrestled with it before. Then again, few vengeful spirits retained their humanity in the way that Mizuchi had. Usually, they turned into little more than a skull wreathed in searing blue flame. For Mizuchi, the fires of her grudge burned far hotter than any real fire could hope to match.

"...Right." Teka muttered, staring her down. "Er...Right. Never - Never fucked a vengeful spirit. Never fucked a non-human besides-" He slammed his mouth shut, but it was too late. Mizuchi had heard, and Mizuchi wanted to know. She let herself drop from Teka's height. She'd have sunk to her knees, but she no longer had knees, so she settled for just hovering right about at eye level with the bulge straining against his clothes. With a toothy - Very toothy - Grin, she dragged her hands down to the band of his hakama.

"'Besides?' Besides what? In fact - Who?" Mizuchi asked her captive man as she ran her fingers across the tented clothes. "Some tengu bitch go around waving her miniskirt-clad ass at you? Did a kappa want to perform some 'experiments?' Oh, I know, a pipe fox convinced you that she could make your business far more successful if only you would please scratch her itch?" The village was already crawling with youkai, after all. It was enough to make her sick.

Teka groaned weakly as Mizuchi's fingers pressed slightly harder at his concealed prick. "...Zashiki-warashi." He finally forced out. "One who lived in my family's home while I was just a teenager." Mizuchi had seen one in the village already. What looked to be a panicky bartender with cherry blossom-coloured hair and a stupid hat. Somehow, Mizuchi didn't think she'd been Teka's mystery lover. She looked like she could barely handle running the pub she was at. She stared at Teka expectantly. "She - She lived with us for years. Longest lasting in the village, I h-heard." The stammer was Mizuchi's fault, of course. She'd squeezed slightly.

"I'm not interested in her history, Teka." Mizuchi told him sharply. "Tell you what: I'll get busy here if you tell me exactly how you and that Zashiki-warashi got busy." There was something so salacious about it.
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She wasn't a fan of youkai, and yet she could feel the fire in her belly fanning itself into a roar at the thought of hearing how Teka had fucked one. "Take my shirt off." She commanded, floating up to his height again. Clearly, she'd finally managed to shift at least some of the blood in his brain elsewhere because he didn't resist quite so much before his hands landed roughly on her shoulders and grabbed the neck of her prison shirt. With a growl, he ripped the thing open, the buttons coming free immediately and exposing the black camisole that Mizuchi wore underneath. The action got a rise out of the vengeful spirit, and she took in a breathy gasp. Heat - Different heat, aroused heat - danced across her body like the elaborate dances of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. Pushing her arms back, she let the thing fall off, baring her arms and leaving nothing but a thin layer of sheer fabric to separate her skin from his eyes.

Teka seemed just as sick of her skirt, because he immediately dropped his hands to her waist and roughly forced the garment down, letting it fall to the floor. And there stood - Floated - Mizuchi Miyadeguchi, dressed in nothing but her camisole in front of a man. "She was quiet. My family didn't really talk to her." As he spoke, Mizuchi dropped back down. He'd lost the slightest strain to the bulge down here, and Mizuchi's fingers soon sorted that out. She wanted to see it. "They - They kept her happy and she kept them in business and full of good fortune, but..." He trailed off with a hiss as she pulled the knot holding the hakama in place free and allowed it to fall to the floor, leaving his juban underneath.

"Continue." Mizuchi told him sharply, running a gloved hand along the tent pressing against the juban again. He seemed respectable enough under here... "Don't stop, Teka, or I'll get upset. You don't want an angry vengeful spirit on your hands, do you?" Heat lay under here, and Mizuchi floated up to just a little above Teka's chest so she could finally push her hand into the juban. Teka's voice caught a second time as Mizuchi's gloves met his bare skin, just below his stomach.

"S-She - I always thought she was - Pretty." Teka's voice became even more strained when Mizuchi pushed her hand even further down. She could feel the heat radiating through the glove. "Didn't make a move until I was - Ngh!" And she finally made contact. Her gloved hand enclosed around the head of Teka's prick. She almost laughed as she brushed a thumb across the glans before pushing further, rubbing the head against her palm as she reached down to the shaft. Her fingers curled around it, and she watched the way he grit his teeth.

"Carry on, boy!" Mizuchi barked at him, tugging upward on his shaft before pushing her hand downward again. She began to get into a rhythm, slowly running her hand up and down Teka's cock and very much enjoying the way he kept pausing and taking in sharp breaths. "What'd you two get up to?"

"Her - Final day." Teka grunted. His hips bucked slightly, pushing upward into Mizuchi's hand. She just barely kept herself from smirking. "I guess she'd decided to move on, but I'd started - Started talking to her." Mizuchi pulled her hand up loosely and ran her thumb over the tip of his cock again. She was absolutely ruining her glove, but there was something just as salacious about that, too. This time, she held off on resuming giving Teka the painfully slow, teasing handjob in favour of brushing her fingers across the head and lightly tickling that spot at the back of his prick that seemed to make his hips buck all the more. "I...I told her about things. Things I was curious about and - And things I didn't know." Probably about how much he wanted to rut some human girl, Mizuchi imagined.

"What...Specifically?" Mizuchi asked and she stroked his prick some more. "Girls?" No, she was getting off topic. "What did the Zashiki-warashi do to you?"

She got back to work but immediately found that she was done with the teasing. She dropped, dragging Teka's juban open and finally revealing what she'd been playing with all this time. He was more than respectable. She'd gotten someone manly. His cock would fill her up very nicely. He wasn't quite long enough for her to need both hands, but he was fairly thick and hefty. She'd not seen a dick since Tak's, and he'd been just a little longer in her estimation and slightly thicker. Maybe she shouldn't have been comparing them like that, but deep in her vengeful spirit heart lay some sort of loyalty to the boy who she had given her firsts to and who had long since died.

"Said - Said she wanted to thank me. For talking to her for all that time." Teka's eyes were somewhere else now. Mizuchi got back to work and began to pump her hand up and down his cock with more strength, feeling as his precum soaked her glove every time her hands came up to the glans. It looked...Healthy. Tasty. "Didn't- Ah! - Didn't know what she meant until she slipped her kimono off."

"Fucked her, did you?" Mizuchi asked, leaning forward enough for her hot breath to land on Teka's dick. "Wait. Had your first time with her? A Zashiki-warashi? Good gods, boy. Human women not doing it for you? It's a good thing you dislike the Hakurei already or she might come and give you a reason to dislike her." Pushing his prick up, Mizuchi looked up at him, jerking him off with one hand while smiling as sweetly as she could remember how to. He looked down at her, his eyes hooded and his expression clouded, as she planted a kiss on his shaft with the side of her mouth. "How many times?" Mizuchi asked him. "How many times did she make you fill her up before she left? Don't lie to me, boy."

"...Twice." Teka confessed, looking away from her. "And once with her mouth." Mizuchi thought about that for a moment. He'd gone three rounds? Hmm... "Wait!" He cried, his hands dropped to her head and nestling in her hair right as she opened her mouth and moved closer to his cock. "Wait, er, Miyadeguchi. It - Not to sound ungrateful for, uh-"

"I'm jerking you off until you cum all over my hands. And I was about to suck you off, but you've gone and interrupted me. Boy." Mizuchi supplied with a bit of a glare. He was stopping her right before the good bit.

"Y-Yeah, but...Er, the teeth? Not - Not really looked for a punctured cock today." Ah. That - Yeah, she hadn't thought about that. Sharp teeth...She could probably have been very delicate, but in truth, she could think of better places to stick his cock than her mouth.

"Didn't take you for such a coward." Mizuchi muttered. "You'll lie to Hakurei's face, but the idea of a slightly toothy blowjob has you quaking in your boots?" Regardless, she sighed and shifted herself to right in front of his dick. One hand began to stroke him, and the other lightly teased his head.

Teka threw his head skyward with a long groan. "Easy to lie to someone you don't like." He wheezed as Mizuchi got his hips to buck. "Harder to - F-Fuck..." He'd lost his train of thought, which Mizuchi took as a personal victory. "I won't lie to you, Miyadeguchi. I'll blow if you carry on any longer."

"Carry what on, boy?" Mizuchi asked him coquettishly, pressing her cheek against his shaft as she continued to squeeze more precum from his cock to soak her glove more. "Speak up!"

"Jerking me off all sensual-like, Miyadeguchi!" Teka finally snapped at her. "Smiling up at me and the like! I'll be painting your face at this rate, and I would rather paint-" There. Victory. He'd said it, not her. "...Shit." He muttered under his breath, squeezing his eyes shut. He knew what he'd just done as well as Mizuchi did.

"Well..." Mizuchi hummed, gripping him with her fingers and running her thumb across the back of his head again. Another glob of precum oozed out and he squeezed his eyes shut like he was holding something in. "I think we can arrange that."

Tak wouldn't have needed convincing. She'd have needed little more than to look at him just right and he'd be dragging her to an empty room in the Hakurei Shrine in minutes. But...Perhaps there was something to this way, too. A sort of thrill when he finally admitted it. It appealed to the same part of her brain that fuelled her grudge. The part that wanted Reimu Hakurei terrified.

For the first time in over a century, Mizuchi Miyadeguchi was about to have sex. The thought filled her with a sort of nervous tension. A feeling in the pit of her stomach. A buzzing in her ears. But that burning heat below told her that she was perfectly okay with the idea. Fortunately, she'd only lost her legs in becoming a vengeful spirit. Her thighs and upwards were perfectly fine. She couldn’t jerk him off with her feet, but he could pump her womb full. The ghostly energy that had replaced her legs, though…

She smirked as she pushed Teka's body until he slid down against the back wall of his storeroom and fell into a seated position, his hard prick pointing up at the ceiling. She looked at her glove. Dirty. Covered in his precum. She'd have to clean it or get a new glove. She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt Teka's rough hands on her waist. He was lifting her up, his face slightly confused at the ease with which he did it. "You're very light." He finally said, lowering and raising her. "It's - Huh."

She slapped his hand away when he started moving her from side to side. "Vengeful spirit. Of course I'm light; I'm mostly dead. Not entirely, though..." She dragged his legs apart so she could get a better approach. Yes, he looked like he'd do nicely. She reached down to the bottom of her camisole with her dirty hand and began to lift it. That got Teka's attention, and his cock throbbed deliciously as she revealed the complete lack of underwear she was wearing. Her thighs were damp with her juices already, and she'd only just about kept from shoving her fingers inside herself while she'd been jerking Teka off. She lifted the camisole higher, showing off her pale navel, and Teka finally growled and reached out, yanking the thing up and over her hair. It got caught on her ponytail, so Mizuchi was forced to pull it off herself. "Patience, boy!" She barked, noting that Teka was not paying any attention to her words.

No, he was staring, strangely enough, at her tits, or lack thereof. She'd never been blessed in that department, unlike some. The Shrine Maiden of her day had possessed obscene breasts, the kind that she liberally - Or perhaps cluelessly - Showed off. "Miyadeguchi." Teka grunted, his eyes focused on her nipples. "I'm dying here. I want..." He paused for a moment, staring at her with his mouth open. "I want to fuck you." He admitted.

"Finally admitted it, hmm? I'd wager you'll have a hard time convincing anyone of this, boy." Mizuchi caressed her chest with her free hand, feeling some tingles shoot through her as her fingers brushed over her nipples. Time for the main event. One she'd been waiting over a century for. She lifted herself up and floated closer to him, until she was hovering over his oozing cockhead. She reached down to her pussy lips and spread her labia with two fingers. Teka seemed conflicted over whether to look at her face or her hands as she slowly lowered herself. Without realising, she let out a gasp when that burning hot head prodded against her spread labia. She'd not remembered exactly how this part felt, and it was almost enough for her to cum right there and then. She let go of her outer lips, letting them cling to Teka's glans as she returned her hands to his shoulders. Her vision was blurry and her breathing down to little more than breathy pants. She pushed down slightly, and a keening whine escaped her parted lips as Teka's cock began to spear her. Her lips contracted around his cockhead, drawing a hissed breath out of him.

Mizuchi's body felt like it was burning up, and she wasn't sure what she should focus on. Getting him further within? Teasing her clit? Her nipples? No, she needed him further. Taking in another breath, she pushed herself down, failing to supress a moan as he brushed against her walls and sent electricity dancing up her spine and across her brain. Soon, his head was fully inside, and his shaft was following. She was sure that her juices were practically gushing out of her, but the feeling was addictive.

She was panting again, but Teka soon found a way to make it worse. He found the worse way. His hands, which had been on her hips, slipped up her bare midriff. The difference in temperature between their skin made it feel like there was ice running up her body, and it was enough to make her nipples ache in their hardness. So, while Mizuchi was preoccupied with the feeling of having a prick gouge out her insides for the first time in over a century, she was suddenly made aware of a prick's hands brushing over her nipples when a bolt of electricity seemed to shoot through her brain and make her voice die for a second in her throat before a weak whine issued forth.

"Tekaaa..." She moaned, feeling his cock press deeper and carve out a little more of her insides. "Nnnot my nipples, you p-prick..." Her vision blurred and another throaty moan worked its way out of her mouth when Teka's fingers came back to her nipples and brushed more roughly across them. She felt her stomach seize up slightly and her labia clamp down around Teka's shaft, now about halfway inside her. And then, his hips bucked slightly.

This time, it was less of a moan and more of a cry that forced itself out of Mizuchi's mouth. He pushed his hips upward, forcing more of his shaft into her stuffed pussy and making her cry out on his cock like he really was Tak all along. Like he really was the man she'd known, who could make her moan and cry like a girl taking her first cock. She was losing control, and the worst part was that she didn't even mind. The temptation to lose herself in the fantasy was almost overbearing. "C-Clamping down hard, Miyadeguchi." Teka grunted, sliding his fingers in rough circles around Mizuchi's areola and making her gasp and moan each time his fingers brushed against them. "Fuck - Hot inside..." He shifted his hands, sliding them back down to Mizuchi's hips. He squeezed down and pushed, forcing Mizuchi's body down further.

He bottomed out, Mizuchi's soaked pussy making contact with his groin. Finally, he was fully ensconced inside her, his cock forcing a path through her and practically knocking on her womb, eager to paint it white and find out just how possible it was to get a vengeful spirit pregnant. Mizuchi's ghostly legs were wrapped around his back as much as they could be, and she used her rapidly failing strength to yank on the chain connecting the cuff she'd thrown around Teka's neck. "Fffuck..." She groaned, shifting her hips just slightly and feeling sparks dance behind her eyes. "Fffucking - Nice prick, Ta- Teka..." Because - Because he felt like him. It was as unfair as anything could be. Why did he feel like Tak? This random villager?

"You're way too fucking hot-" Teka gasped, pushing Mizuchi up and giving his cockhead a slow trip back through her inner walls before he pushed her back down and made her whine at the fullness inside her again. "-Way too fucking hot to be a vengeful spirit, Miyadeguchi..." He looked like he wanted to keep giving her a slow and deep fucking. "Gonna - Go harder." He grunted, wrapping his hands around her chest and gripping her just under her armpits. His thumbs pushed against her nipples and tore a girlish moan from Mizuchi as he roughly brushed against them. He lifted her again, then forced her back down harder. His dick brushed against a particularly sensitive spot inside as it roughly gouged its way through her and Mizuchi nearly cried out.

Absolutely nothing could have prepared her for sex again after over a century without it, and she knew she wouldn't last long. The next time she pushed Teka's cock inside her, she began to grind her naked rear on his dick, drawing gasps and hitching breaths from both of them. Teka's hands took hold of her hard nipples and pinched. Mizuchi just barely managed to avoid cumming right there and then, and she was still left with tears in her eyes and her pussy even more soaked than it had already been. "Sensitive?" He asked.

"Veeery s-sensitive, you prick!" Mizuchi hissed, floating herself slightly up so she could slam herself back down on his lap. Teka released her tits from his grasp, then slid his hand around to her back and pulled her into him, causing her upper body to lean back. She opened her mouth to tell him that she had not, by any means, told him to stop, when he suddenly lowered his head and pulled her into another kiss. This time, he had no hesitation in forcing his tongue into her mouth, though he did still seem a little apprehensive of her teeth. The worst part was that Mizuchi might have been weak in the nipples, but she was easily just as weak to a good kiss, and a good kiss while Teka rocked his hips and ground his cock against that sensitive spot just under her mound? Well, that was enough to break her.

She didn't really remember how cumming felt. Tak had been a master at making her cum, but that was a long time ago. She had expected the heat, but she'd forgotten the way her lips clamped down around Teka's shaft and her inner walls squeezed, gripping to the cockhead practically knocking on her womb. She had forgotten the shuddering; The way her mind blanked out and her eyes stopped seeing as waves of electricity rolled across her body and through her brain. She could feel it when Teka wrapped his arms around her and gripped tightly, the heat of his burly limbs feeling like ice on her skin and the grip intoxicating. It was all like echoes of Tak.


The comedown was equally unfamiliar to her. The way her senses filtered back in and all she could really hear was a dull ringing in her ears between Teka's deep breaths and a thumping sound that she only belatedly identified as the beating of his heart. It was funny the things you forgot when you were dead. Now, every slight movement she made below caused another wave of tingles to rattle through her and threatened to send her back into the throes of another orgasm.

And...She was perfectly okay with that. So much so that before she could even think about it, she was wriggling her hips around and grinding Teka's cock into her sensitive spots again. And this time, her gasps and cries weren't being held back at all. "Hey..." She groaned, wrapping her arms around Teka's back. "Angle - Angle it. Up a bit..." She forced the words out between gasps, because Teka was just missing the right angle and it was killing her. "Just a bit - Ah!" There it was. He'd shifted it to where she wanted him. "Fffuck...You're juuust right, yunno?"

And then, Teka suddenly pushed upward. Not just his dick, though it did hilt itself once more, but his whole body, using the wall he was pressed against as leverage. Suddenly, he'd made it to his feet, holding Mizuchi with a combination of dick and dexterity. Mizuchi's moans leaked from her mouth as he worked some magic on her insides. Teka turned and pushed her back against the wall, his hands dropping from her back to knead and grip at her ass while his prick roughly pushed its way into her. Mizuchi looked up at him. He was fucking her like Tak. Like her Hakurei boy had once done. And he was looking at her like he hadn't really been seeing her before. Between his grunts and her moans, he forced words out. "Mi-Miyadeguchi, I-" He tried to speak, but it was more like the growl of a beast.

"Miiizuchi." Mizuchi panted back. "Call me Mizuchi." She wanted to hear it from him. Not her last name. Not the name that the Hakurei Shrine Maiden of her time had called her by because she didn't actually remember what her name was. Her real name. The one Tak used to murmur in her ear as he held her closely. Teka pushed himself even closer, fully spearing her and pressing his body into hers until what remained of her legs were wrapped around him and her arms clung as tightly to his back as they possibly could. Her naked body pressed into his, and Mizuchi realised suddenly that he wasn't going to stop. Not until his cum was leaking from her overstuffed womb and she had forgotten the difference between him and Tak.

Teka felt like having Tak back in a way that would've made her heart ache if she still had one. "Yyyes..." Mizuchi gasped into Teka's shoulder. "Nearly - Nearly there..."

"Fucking - Gonna cum." Teka groaned, his eyes wildly out of focus even though she could tell that he was seeing her and only her. "Cumming inside..." He murmured it the first time, then squeezed her even tighter as he told her again. "Gonnah - knock yoo up..." His slurred words tumbled from his lips and Mizuchi received them by squeezing back.

"You caaan't..." Mizuchi drawled back, barely keeping her thoughts in line. She wished he could. Gods above, for a split second, she forgot her grudge and wished that she could just stay here. Maybe she was just overly sentimental. "Vengeful shpirit, 'member?" She'd not last much longer. He just - His prick kept hitting her just right. "Can't..."

"Who fucking cares!?" He growled, reaching up with one hand to grasp at her ponytail and pull her head backward so he could push his tongue back into her mouth. "Ah'll do it ahnyway!" He pushed his cock as deep as it would go before dragging it all the way out until nothing but the bulging cockhead remained inside her thoroughly soaked and burning hot depths. "Mizuuchiiiii..." Teka let her name tear itself out of his mouth like it was his soul leaving him. Once more, he pushed his hips forward, roughly gouging through her pussy, scraping against her sensitive spot, and finally hilting himself up against her womb.

And he came.

Mizuchi could feel the moment his cock pulsed, and knowing that he was pumping sticky rope after sticky rope of cum into her burning hot womb pushed her over the edge too. She felt her stomach lurch as her whole body seized up, making her claw into Teka's back as her vaginal walls contracted, coiling around Teka's cock even as it continued to fire shot after shot inside her.

Her brain fell silent again, and even the fires of her grudge seemed to fall into the distance until all she could feel was Teka pumping her full of his cum and sparks rolling across her body as the orgasm worked through her. She wasn't sure if she'd screamed or not, but Teka's panting breaths were all she could hear. He continued to shoot shot after shot inside her, even as she began to come down from the dizzying heights she'd been at. With his final shot, he let out a long exhale... Right as Mizuchi got her bearings back and found that she'd done something she hadn't expected.

Apparently, becoming a vengeful spirit had made her a biter.

She'd sunk her teeth into his shoulder, and her teeth in this form broke the skin with ease. Now, she could feel the blood trickling between her teeth and taste the coppery tang on her tongue. Mizuchi blinked and frowned slightly. She was having a difficult time convincing her brain to let go of his shoulder. "Mizuchi - Need my shoulder back." Teka breathed into her ear and she broke the spell holding her in place, finally convincing her jaw to release. She pulled back and, before she could stop herself, licked the blood from around her mouth. "Good bloody thing you're light." Teka muttered. "Would've done my back in elsewise." He stepped back, still holding Mizuchi up as his cock dribbled its last spurts into her overstuffed pussy. "Want a bath?" He asked her.

"Way too much, boy." Mizuchi grumbled as she tried to clear all the cum out of her pussy. "There's backed up and then there's backed up."

"Couldn't help it." Teka muttered, sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. "You felt...Really good." It wasn't the most thought-out compliment, but Tak hadn't been much of a wordsmith either. Mizuchi sighed and upended a bucket of water over her head, shaking it to try and get it out of her eyes. She'd finally been forced to work her manacles off. One of her gloves was beyond repair... Or so she had thought, until Teka had carried her out of the storeroom and she realised that she was in a clothes shop. She'd almost laughed. It was just so…Unfitting. Here was a man who should have been working construction, or with heavy goods, and instead, he was a tailor and sold clothes. The world was very strange.

They sat in Teka's bathroom as Mizuchi tried to tame her hair and failed miserably. "Even with, uh..." She looked back to see Teka gesture to his shoulder. The bleeding had finally stopped, but it still looked a bit of a bloody mess, and he was sure to scar. "I'll tell people that I ran afoul of a tsuchigumo. Quick to bite when threatened. People will think it’s my fault.” Fine by Mizuchi. As long as it wasn't going to get her caught and screw her plans any further.

A few minutes later, she was in the bath with Teka, submerged to her nose and watching as her hair spread out across the water. She raised her head slightly. "Teka." Her voice was a light murmur. "Want to join me?"

Teka, sitting opposite her on the other side of the bath, watched her silently. "...No. Call me a hypocrite, but I still don't want to. Both for helping a youkai, and because I don't want to draw Reimu Hakurei down on me." She'd not expected much, so she just nodded silently.

"...Why do you hate the Hakurei?" She finally asked, her voice still faint. "I've got my reasons, but you're a villager."

Teka was silent for a while. "My great-grandfather always used to say that...They were responsible for taking away someone that he loved. I guess it rubbed off on me." When she looked, his eyes were shut. "He loved my great-grandmother too, but... I always got the impression that whoever it was that he lost was his real, true love." Mizuchi though about pressing him.

One of the last things she remembered from her living days was Tak saying that he loved her for the first time. It had been in breathy pants; A heat-of-the-moment thing long after they had started sleeping together. But it had made Mizuchi's heart feel fit to burst. Of course, they could never have acted on it. For a multitude of reasons, least of which being that he was a son of the Hakurei and she was just some girl from the family that served them.

And they’d never got the chance, anyway.

"Who was he?" Mizuchi asked, looking over at Teka. For a split second, she'd had the thought. Maybe it had been him. Maybe he'd gone on to have a normal life.

"No one really knows. He showed up in the village one day - Heavily scarred and without a name. I think it was burn damage. Messed up his voice and his face besides. He never told me, at any rate. My great-grandmother might have known, but..." He trailed off into silence that stretched out to cover the whole room. Mizuchi knew she shouldn't have asked. It was only the Hakurei’s fears and bad memories that she wanted to awaken. "I'll help you out of the village." Teka finally murmured, one of his hands going up to run along the cuff attached to his neck. "If you need to possess a youkai, then I'll get you to one of the kappa vendors. They're disguised, but it's always been an awful disguise. You can get back to your vengeance." He was silent for the rest of the bath, looking like he was ruminating on something.

The vengeful spirit tied her hair back up and pulled her clothes back on. She looked down at the manacles in her hand. The distraction had been fun. The sex - Even more fun. But it was time to get to work, and thinking about Tak had just fanned the flames of her vengeance. "Here." Teka muttered, a pair of white gloves in his hand. "Replacement for the ones that got ruined."

"I can't pay you back, you know." Mizuchi replied, looking at them. They were just like hers. "Probably not ever." There was a more than reasonable chance that she would either be dead or back in prison any day, after all.

"I know." Teka quietly replied, still holding the gloves out. "Take them anyway."

"...Why?" Mizuchi asked, frowning even as she reached out and lifted them from his hands. "I've not done anything for you. All I've done is bite you." Indeed, the wound on his shoulder looked painful. She pulled the gloves on and secured the cuffs around her wrists on top of them. They fit, in the truest sense, like a glove.

"Don't rightly know." Teka sounded slightly confused with himself. "Just seems like the right thing to do." Her cuff still hung around his neck. It hadn't gotten in the way of the bath or getting dressed, but he couldn't be seen like that. "You'll have to possess me, won't you?"

"Yeah." Mizuchi nodded. "You should be fine. Youkai collapse; Humans don't." Teka nodded back, looking strangely conflicted. "Alright, let's-" and suddenly, he stepped forward, tilted her chin up, and kissed her again. It surprised her enough that she just let it happen. He didn't try and make it passionate. It was...Gentle.

"Sorry." He whispered as he pulled back. "Don't know what came over me." Mizuchi stared at him blankly. "Let's get on with it. Good luck, Mizuchi." He stepped back and placed a hand on the cuff around his neck.

"...Right." Mizuchi got ready to possess him. Back on track. Up to the Moriya Shrine. Vengeance wouldn't serve itself, after all. "Thanks, Teka." And with that, she let her powers take over and took control. Somewhere out there, Reimu Hakurei was searching for her. Marisa Kirisame was heading for the mountain, and Satori Komeiji was taking Fujiwara no Mokou to the Hakurei Shrine. Somewhere out there was her next target.

Mizuchi reached out and flexed Teka's hand. She had work to do.
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“The plan is simple.” Seija Kijin said once I sat down. “So simple even you couldn’t mess it up.”
Ah Seija, local attempted revolutionary and twice wanted criminal… or was it seven? We’ve known each other for a few years, it all started after her first stint on a wanted poster where I, a newbie to living in Gensokyo, gave her shelter while not knowing who she was… which would’ve been stupid if things hadn’t panned out how they have.

During the few weeks she crashed at my place we very quickly learned a lot about each other, but most importantly is that being a wanted criminal leads to a lot of pent up sexual frustration. Our first time together wouldn’t last long but it cemented why I still tolerate her, she’s incredibly adorable once you get past her rude exterior.

“Yes I understand but why am I needed for this one?” After leaving my place she would still show up every now and then with a new plan for her revolution, today being no different.

“Well you’re at the center of the strategy this time around. As I said the plan is simple, first the Princess knocks out whoever the current target is, we carry them over here, then you get to work.” Oh right Princess Shinmyoumaru Sukuna of the inchlings, despite her past with Seija being rocky at best they would still collaborate on plans with her even allowing the use of the Shining Needle Castle as a base while they’re scheming something big.

“You’ve yet to explain what my work even is, so just get to the point already.” Alright, how many levels of “absurd and shouldn’t work” is this new plan hitting, the record is a 7/10 from when she thought taking over a firework show would “Show why us weaklings have the better spell card design philosophy.”

“Alright, so after the princess brings the target here your job is to break them.”

“And the way you plan on doing that is?”

“Your dick.” Ah. Fucking our way up the food chain, 10/10 for shouldn’t work and is horrible but credit for originality. “While you’re fucking them against their will I’ll turn over their resistance to immense pleasure, and it’ll make their cooperation much easier to get. I quite like this one.” Speaking as if this is something to be proud of, I guess that’s just the Seija way.
Understanding it all now, with a massive grin on my face I respond “When do we begin?”

The First Operation.

After a bit of discussion between us three we settled on a reasonable first target, a fairly unremarkable White Wolf Tengu. Reasoning being, if she went missing she likely wouldn’t be missed, able to get us into the Tengu Village if needed, and able to handle some defense once we get her complete support. Now it comes down to the perfect opportunity to start.


The princess had zero issue knocking her out, using her natural short stature to sneak in some sleeping powder into their tea making her resistance practically nonexistent. Seija turned one of the side rooms in the castle into a room perfect for the… “procedure” with soundproof walls and just enough light coming in. Should make sure the items Seija provided are here as well first.

Item 1: Blindfold for if she gets too suspicious of me, check.
Item 2: Aphrodisiac laced tea for getting her ready, check.
Item 3:Button to call Seija for her part, check.
Time to wake her up.

“Hello? Ma’am are you okay?” Let’s start off with things that make me seem worried about her, oh she’s starting to stir. “Oh are you awake? Ma’am I found you passed out outside, I brought you inside. Are you perhaps thirsty? Here, have some tea.” I set the completely trustworthy beverage on the table next to her.

“Thank you human, my apologies for having to take me into your home… I felt very exhausted and was unable to make it to my own home.” She takes a sip of the tea. “My name is Momiji Inubashiri, once I am rested I shall send one of my colleagues here to give a proper reward… I must say this tea is fairly good, may I ask which kind you brewed?” Oh she seems quite the gullible wolf, perfect for starting off.

“It’s a special brew of Green Tea my family brings out when we have guests. I’m still new to making it so my apologies that there isn’t much extra.” While not entirely a lie, it isn’t the whole truth. After that, me and the now-named tengu talked for a decent while, if I didn’t have her here for a specific reason I could see myself being good friends with her. I almost feel bad about what was going to happen soon. Almost. I notice that she’s started to breath heavily and is getting red in the face, well took long enough.

“I-I’m terribly sorry but I seem to still not be feeling the best, if you could just allow me to-” She passes out onto me, nearly knocking me onto the ground in the process. Note to self, tell Seija to make the aphrodisiac both faster acting and perhaps less exhausting on the drinker. I carry her over to the bed on the other side of the room, could you believe that this wolf tengu is pretty light? Perhaps I’m just stronger than I thought. Now taking the barely conscious girl’s clothes off, it’s time for the fun to begin. I begin by fondling the wolf’s sizable breasts which elicits a resistant wiggle out of her, understandable response but we continue. I pull down my pants and take out my trained cock and after lining it up with her entrance, push it in.

Her eyes shoot open and she yells out in pain, fascinating, consider your virginity mine. Confirmation as I see a bit of blood trickle onto the bed “AaaaaHHHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HUMAN! STOP WHATEVER THIS IS!” Oh she is not liking this… seems perfect to me, just keep this going for a bit longer then call in Seija. I’ll just hit the button now in case she decides to take her sweet time.


Now on the clock I begin moving in and out of her, she is incredibly tight which must come with having been a virgin until just a moment prior. She continues to voice her anger at me but due to the strength removing properties of the aphrodisiac I’m not worried about her doing anything. Her yapping is starting to get on my nerves however, if she keeps this up she may wake the princess and, while she is in on the plan, she doesn't like when it directly affects her wellbeing. “Can you just stop talking already? Good girls only speak when spoken to.” I take the blindfold and shove it in her mouth. There, now the room only has the sounds of the incredibly dubious actions. “You know miss you feel very good, so much so that I might just keep you here until you wear out your usefulness.” I increased the pace and grabbed onto her shoulders for stability so that I could go as far inside her as possible.

Suddenly Seija bursts into the room. “Hey hey hey how’s it going.” She sees me going very hard on our “willing participant” “Having fun eh? Well how’s she feeling about it all? Horrible? Maybe wanting to smash your skull in? Can’t blame ya, ohhhh you even used the blindfold to shut her yap? Inventive but I’ll have to remove it now.” Using one hand to hold Momiji’s head in place, she yanks the blindfold out of her mouth.

“ONCE I GET OUTTA HERE I’LL BEHEAD THE BOTH OF YOU.” Yep, she’s definitely not happy about this, alright, we should probably finish up here. Seija moves her hand to block Momiji’s mouth.

“Hey Seija you might wanna do the thing soon before she gathers enough strength.”

“Oh right yeah that thing.” …did she seriously forget her role in this or is she just messing around, I can never quite tell with her. She moves up to Momijis ear and begins whispering into it. “Miss you seem to be a bit too angry… wouldn’t you prefer it if you were enjoying this? If you could do this every hour of every day? Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?” She continues whispering nothings into her ear and begins caressing her, then she snaps her fingers.


And suddenly, Momiji stops her yapping. Instead she moves in and kisses me. “Yes my liege, keep pumping that long hard cock deep into me whenever and however you please.” Hot damn, this is working out better than I anticipated. So responding in kind to her new request, I go as hard as I possibly can. “Yes yes yes yES OH THIS IS GREAT.” I start petting the head of my new pet, and she leans into it trying to feel as good as possible.

“Hell yeah resounding success. Did you know that reversing anything mental is harder? Yeah that sweet talking I did wasn’t for nothing, used it to flip her blind hatred for us to pure devotion. Might have to touch up on talking with loser nobodies to make it easier. Anyway I recommend finishing as fast as possible just so we can figure out what to do with her.” Do I cum inside? I don’t see a reason not to so fuck it, let’s give the puppy her first load deep inside.

“Momiji-san wouldn’t you love to make my sperm deep inside you? Oh yes you would, yes you would” I continue my petting of her while convincing her that yes I should be allowed to release it all inside her.

“Yes master please, please I beg you give me all of it fill me up and mark me as yours master.” I can feel myself approaching the edge, I close my eyes while trying to last as long as possible. I open them to see Seija fondling the tengu’s breasts whilst stealing her lips, she turns back to me and orders that I cum now. Unable to resist any longer, I do exactly as Seija ordered.

1, 2, and 3 pumps in and the floodgates are opened. Momiji and her now-submitted to her newly appointed masters pussy do their best to extract as much of my cum as possible, and after a few blissful moments she passes out. The stress of losing her virginity and having her mind obliterated into submission was too much it seems. I pull out of the white wolf tengu admiring my work of making her insides the same color as the outside.

Seija stares into my eyes before completely ruining the mood. “Congrats on your adoption now what do we do with her. Maybe make her into a guard? Keep the place safe while we get the next target, could also put her on making more materials. Of course with how we handled her she’ll have to be responsible for keeping her master's chicken in check.”

“...Please don’t call it that ever again.”

“Fucking killjoy.” Seija starts stripping off her clothes “Oh but I know that wasn’t enough for you was it? It can never fully calm down without me all over it.” She’s right, I’ve had so much sex with her over the years that it’ll stay hard until it has a taste of her. “As part of our celebration that our new rebellion has begun well, I’ll give you the special privilege to stick it in.” After declaring the “reward” she slides down her undergarments revealing her very obviously wet pussy, no matter what she refuses to acknowledge that she loves my dick just as much as I love her. She sticks her leg up giving me the perfect angle to stick her favorite dick into my favorite pussy. As always it eats up my cock in one push before filling me with a familiar pleasure. My relation with Seija is… complicated, I am 100% completely smitten by her so much that I am willing to act as just a way for her to relieve stress so I can see her smiling face, I do intend to use the high energy in the air from the current plan to get her to reciprocate my love.

“Keep thrusting your infertile rod until you wake up your dog with the sounds and smell.” Oh right that, yeah so Seija just is wrong about that. While it is true that at one point I was shooting infertile seed, after I told her she reversed it and gave my cock the strength to keep going as it is now, she just likes to remind me of what I got only because of her. On that note it’s quite the wonder how Seija hasn’t gotten pregnant from our many, many, many nights spent exploring each other's bodies. “After you get done be sure to talk with the princess about our next target, cause that cock of yours has a lot of work to do.” Maybe one day I’ll get to bed with the princess as well… perhaps it would be best to wait for one of the days where she feels like being a more reasonable height. I try to go in and kiss Seija while speeding up my pace and she happily accepts.

I’m not sure exactly how long we were connected, but at some point we moved to the floor where she started to embrace me as I plowed her with a level of force that she was accustomed to. “Hey Seija, after we make more progress with this plan would you do me one favor and go on a date with me?” Might as well try now that we’ve gotten past the first hurdle in the plan.

“Uh huh whatever just keep going” A small trick I learned a couple years ago, ask her something while having sex and she’ll likely agree. Having tricked Seija into going on a date with me, I stop all resistance and shoot a load inside her. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh there it is, took ya long enough asshole. Already got an idea of what to do with the girl or are you only thinking with your dick today?”

“I like the idea of keeping her around as a guard so that we don’t have any outsiders interrupting our plans.” I thought that was the idea behind choosing her in the first place or was Seija implying there were other options. With that done we put our clothes back on and Seija leaves the room, leaving me to carry Momiji into her new quarters.
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Months pass following the same plan…

The Shining Needle Castle has never felt more lively, our rebellion has resulted in each “colleague” moving in which was the princesses’ idea, in her words “Keep them here so we have help around the castle, you two are way too messy you know.” …I really hope she isn’t referring to our actions in bed. Anyway since we began we settled into a pretty good rhythm for this. Every 3rd or 4th day the princess brings in a new future employee, I start by lowering their guard with some sob story about how we found them, then I start fucking them with a massive lack of consent, then Seija comes in and does some sweet talking, before finally Seija uses some reverse bullshit to get their cooperation. Overall it’s been working wonders and while the princess has said she’s heard some whispers about investigating the “disappearances” there has yet to be any real push back against what we’ve been doing. So far this is the longest any of Seijas plans have gone without any resistance from the outside, which in hindsight is not that much of an improvement but it is something.

It has been long enough since we began that I think I’m ready to cash in the dubiously gained date that I’ve been promised. “Good morning Master!” Oh there’s Momiji, turns out we did too well with her that now she believes me to be her master in all of life, whoops, she even began wearing a maid outfit and none of us are sure where she got it. “Today Princess Sukuna has requested that you and Lady Kijin report to her room as soon as you are finished eating. On that note, here is your breakfast using Miss Ringo’s new recipe.” Ringo is a moon rabbit we went after when it became obvious that we are awful in the kitchen and needed someone to cook for the rapidly increasing population of the castle. Her dango has been a massive hit within the castle and as a bonus, she was quite the wonderful time in bed once we bought her support.

I have started to get worried that our newest members have been hitting a bit above our mark, Seija even proposed going after the gatekeeper to Hell which I shot down immediately. First off someone from Hell would be very tough, second their job is to protect something, how would the princess get close without being noticed, third she’s a chicken, a chicken, those things can be very loud and I don’t want her being so loud that outsiders hear.

Currently the most “of note” person in the castle is this magician from the forest of magic. We were very shocked at how easily she turned over, especially considering how she seems to be decently acquainted with the black white. Her magic has been really helpful with the targets after her and she was so tight that I almost came immediately, she quickly found a place next to Momiji as the left hand to her right.

“Thank you Momiji, I will keep the princesses request in mind, on your way out could you send in Alice please? I have an urgent task for her.” Momiji nods her head in understanding and leaves the room, it really does feel amazing to have people listen to my every command. Only a couple minutes pass before my left hand man, or woman, does it matter? Walks in.

“Good morning boss, Momiji said you needed me urgently.” Alice is even wearing a loosened outfit so that her big breasts can move about as they please, so glad I thought of suggesting that.

“Why yes, momentarily me, Seija, and the princess will be having a meeting. While we are busy I would like for you to prepare the box found in my bottom cabinet for later, this is a very important task so don’t mess it up unless you want a repeat of the Orange Incident.” The Orange Incident as the princess named it was the most disastrous any operation has gone. The target, a nobody named Orange, almost broke out of the constraints and took multiple sessions before she fell to Seija’s reversing. Even after it all she remains our least cooperative employee, so we spread word of her as “the descenter” and use it as a way to further gain their support.

“I understand boss, I shall prepare it to the utmost quality, when I am finished it shall be found in the compartment outside the command room.”

“Wonderful Alice, now I shall take my exit. You shall find the requirements for the box inside of it.” I make my way over to the section of the castle that has the princesses room. As I approach I notice Seija standing outside looking not too pleased which really could mean anything for her, but typically is for her being annoyed. “Hello Seija, any idea why the princess called us to her room?”

“Could be fuckin’ anything with her, who knows maybe that maid of yours pissed in her tea.” Swears right out the gate, yup she’s pissed about being here right now. “I was planning on sleeping late today but no.”

The doors to the room open behind us and with it comes the princess sounding the most intimidating we’ve ever heard. “Come in you two”

“Yes princess.” we say at the same time before walking in.

“So let me cut to the chase, how are you two not dating yet?” What? We stand there stunned for what feels like forever before Seija says something.

“E-excuse me? You call us here at too damn early o'clock to… to laugh at our relationship?” oh god Seija is blushing does she actually feel the same way I do about her.

“Not exactly, you two are just so obvious it’s laughable. What are you afraid I’ll take him away from you or something? At best I would like to see why everyone else around here talks so highly about his skills in bed.”

I finally decided to say something. “Well if you think we’re so perfect together then why don’t we show her Seija? Will you go out with me?” Was that too much? I hope not.

“Hmph, fine, you and me tonight over at the entrance to the forest of magic, and you’d better be late.” Score! Thank you princess I’ll agree to do any of your chores for the next month for this!

“Ahem.” The princess clears her throat. “Before you two leave, the team settled on two different choices for the upcoming operation. Four days from now there will be a small team from the Youkai Mountain diving into Former Hell, while they’re out we will use their absence to take a bigger name from there. The plan is to take her in, do the standard procedure, then once your part is finished we return her so that she can help us from the inside. Your options are a yamawaro or a high ranking tengu, you have until the night before their departure to decide. Consider yourselves dismissed.”

Me and Seija walk over to the room that functions as a cafeteria. We sat there in silence just staring at each other. Several people walk by us with one even trying to interrupt the silence… at least until we both glared at them. Finally Seija sighs and grabs my hand. “We are going elsewhere.”

She leads me to… her room? I’ve actually not been in her room since we started the current rebellion. As we enter I notice a few new additions, a doll of herself clearly made by Alice being the standout one, ever the self-centered person. Suddenly Seija stops in the middle of the room and turns to face me, her face red and trying not to look into my eyes. She grabs my head and kisses me. Never mind the date planned for later, we are doing this now, so I reciprocate the kiss. “Just fuck me already, I don’t care anymore just… do me until the princess considers us a couple so she shuts up.”

“C’mon Seija cheer up, or do you consider becoming my girlfriend that much of a downgrade?” Seija stays silent, instead using actions that speak volumes. She tries her best to strip me down all the while trying her best not to look at me. She’s never been so bashful during any of our sessions together, did the words of the princess get to her that much? I began working on taking her clothes off as well and after a moment we were both naked, we walk over to the bed.

For the first time in recent memory I was nervous going to bed with her. “You’d better not stop until you’re confident that I’m pregnant okay?” Objective obtained. “That should be proof enough for the princess.” She lies down on the bed, I then position myself on top of her. I move down to kiss her and once our lips make contact, I push my dick inside her. Knowing there is now stakes to our lusting, I can't help but notice just how wonderful her insides feel. Every second now dragged on as I soaked up every detail of Seija’s insides, finally having been given a chance to prove my love to her. If I thrusted hard she would squirm briefly, if I went slowly she would stare into my eyes with a begging look. It’s like she becomes an entirely different person when under such pleasure. To say I wished this to continue as long as possible would be vastly understanding it. To hell with the rebellion, to the princess, to the people who (un)willingly work for me, Seija is all I need.

Seija abruptly grabs onto my back and tries pulling me closer, as her arms make contact her insides tighten up. I take the chance and move faster and harder than before, in response Seija begins moaning intensely, so far she keeps making responses that she never has before. She starts trying to say something between her moans of pleasure. “I’m sorry I was *gasp* taking pleasure suppressants and contraceptives before. The princess threw this * gasp* on us on such short notice I couldn’t take them today. I didn’t want to *gasp* grow attached to someone I was using for my own relief.” So that’s why she’s acting so differently this time. “I’m sorry please just, I had to because I couldn’t get someone to love me, I’m an amanojaku being hated is *gasp* just a part of my life.” As much as she tries to explain how I “can’t possibly love her” or “being hated is her job” I refuse to listen. I shut her up with a kiss that’s as passionate as I know how to do.

“I’m sorry too Seija, I was only working with you because I love you. I never had much of an interest in your plans for rebellion, only you. I’m guilty of taking advantage of what these plans have gotten me, but if I lost it all to stay with you then I wouldn’t regret a thing.” I resumed kissing her and now, having proclaimed my love, cum inside her with all my might.

I keep moving, I have to keep moving, she told me to not stop until I’m confident she has gotten pregnant. Seija puts up no resistance to my continued movement and even seems to welcome it, the seed now swirling inside her makes the sounds coming from where we are connected have a hypnotic feel to them. I can’t help but already feel close to cumming again, she’s just too erotic. “Mmmm I love the way your cock feels inside me, why did I not do this earlier.” This time she initiates the kiss, and I start cumming again. “Since when did you become such a quick shot… we *pant* can’t have that now can we?” I take my cock out of her and start lying on the bed. Suddenly an energy washes over me, it would seem Seija had enough energy for a smaller reversal.

Feeling renewed Seija looks down to see my dick shoot back up to full length, she grins and climbs off the bed, where then she takes it in her mouth. She bobs her head up and down on my length, I start to caress her head to let her know she’s doing a good job. Now that I’m no longer the one doing most of the movements I notice that it seems to be quite noisy outside the room, perhaps something happened? It’ll probably be fine. I’m immediately proven wrong by the door being thrown open and barging in was… is that the princess? “Change of plans, we move out in an hour.” She sees what she interrupted us doing. “I was right you two are dating, or was this because of what I said earlier. Either way make yourselves decent and meet at the cafeteria, it’s incredibly urgent.”

With the mood completely ruined we wrap this up. “So what do you think happened?” I ask her. “Could be anything but she did sound actually serious.” Did we seriously fuck through something important.

We all convene at the cafeteria, and almost anyone we’ve recruited who can do something of note is here, this truly must be something major. The princess, having used her mallet to grow to a reasonable size, begins giving a speech. “Earlier today we received word from one of our village scouts that the black white magician has tracked something down to here, so we have reasonable enough evidence to think she will be here within the day. Tasks will be given out to stop the worst from happening and perhaps even sway her to our side. Ringo, bake three batches of the night time special. Alice, you take the magic team and plant traps for her, for certain make one be in the main foyer. I will agitate Orange to make her ready to hit someone very hard. Defense corp, reinforce all exits to the outside, this includes windows. Letty and Kurumi, you two prepare the backup cannon. And you two.” She turns to face me and Seija. “Give her your worst.”

We move to the operations room to bring out the strongest stuff, the most potent aphrodisiac is of the highest priority. There’s limited time to have it all prepared. We spent the next couple hours doing as much preparation as we could… with only one or two or ten short breaks for kissing. Finally a messenger came in and said that the black white was spotted and was rapidly approaching the castle. It's showtime.

On the chance that a major threat shows up the princess has gone on record saying she wishes to always be on the frontlines defending her castle. As such she’s who Marisa would first encounter when she slams through the front doors. “Oi inchling, my spells detected Alice here, give her up will ya? Make it easier on you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I would like to request that you leave my castle.”

“No can do, my intuition is never wrong so I know you ain’t telling me the whole truth, so move outta the way before I force you to.” Sukuna takes out her personal needle used for more than sewing. “Force it is then.” The two begin a spell card duel.

The entire castle shakes at the force of the fight, the defense team takes this as their cue to move in, yeah it may break a rule or three of spell card duels but if no one leaves to record the violation who cares. As the defense team moves out to extract the princess, they send a signal over to the magic team, which in turn uses as their cue to move into position for knocking out the intruder. The defense team sends in the yamawaro drone, totally not stolen property, to distract the intruder. The princess lands a hit. The intruder uses a more intense spell, she bumps into a part of the wall that was most certainly there a moment prior. The princess lands another hit. They’re getting visibly annoyed that they’re losing, so the magic team prepares a spell. The spell messes with the intruder's vision, so the princess gets yet another hit. The two prepare their strongest spells, after a short back and forth the princess is declared the winner.

The princess walks up to the intruder and says one simple word. “Kneel.” Princess Shinmyoumaru Sukuna of the inchlings, capable of striking fear into even the strongest willed when performing her royal duties. The intruder falls onto the ground, the results of strength draining spells put up by the magic team. Finally the defense team and magic team come down on the intruder, cutting off her senses and carrying her off so that the other heads of the group can perform their “operation”.

“Now this has been just the most wonderful day.” Seija remarks as the intruder is brought into the operations room. “Set her on the bed, remove the restriction spells once you leave the room. Time for our greatest showing.” They do as she says, lifting the spells after us three are the only ones in the room, Seija moves to a hidden side section of the room to allow me to talk with her first.

Once the black white wakes up she tries to punch me. “Woah calm down, I’m not your enemy here. Just a non-combatant.” She stares at me in confusion, right we’ve never met before. “I’m a colleague of the princess who’s been living here for a few months, based on the state you were given to me with I would assume she wasn’t too pleased with you. Oh, would you like some tea?” I slide a cup of the currently-unspiked tea to her.

She picks it up, takes a sip, then starts talking to me. “So what’s your story? How’d you end up meeting the inchling?” How do I spin a half-truth out of this… oh wait that’ll be simple. “Ran into her with a friend of mine, we hit it off pretty well, and since my home recently got destroyed she offered me shelter in exchange for helping around. I mostly handle simple housework, but also have recently started getting other people to come by to help.” Only lie there is we didn’t run into the princess, Seija led me to her. The black white set down the tea cup, it was already empty, she asked me for a refill. I comply and pour some more tea, only this time the tea has become ever so slightly spiked. An innovation from one of our few kappa recruits, a teapot that over time has the drug seep into the tea so that early drinks aren’t obviously off-taste and overtime as you get further and further through the pot, the tea slowly changes to the spiked one but is hardly recognizable as different.

We continue to chat about meaning topics, eventually she gives herself a proper introduction, Marisa Kirisame, a resident of the forest of magic and regular incident resolver. Truly one of the big shots of Gensokyo, if we were able to get her on our side then this rebellion could truly be successful, and thankfully she kept requesting more cups of tea. After her 4th cup it was hard for her to keep the blush on her face hidden, once she started on the 6th she began breathing heavily, and at the 8th…

“Hey are you okay? You’re not looking the best, is the fight from earlier still affecting you?” She falls down onto the bed, seemingly out of strength to stay upright. I hit the button to let Seija know she can come out whenever. “Do you need me to get anything or do you want some sleep?” She could barely muster the strength to say “Just… sleep please” before passing out.

Well the way I see it we now have free reign over her, let’s get her re-education started. I pop open a compartment next to the bed containing a special cup of tea, brewed up by Ringo and optimized by Alice, we bring out if I’m already fairly spent going in, I put it down very quickly. Seija finally walks out of the side area and looks at our sleeping beauty. “Might want to get the princess to beat up all our big targets if its this effective. Alright let’s crank this up!” Going with her statement she pulls up part of Marisa’s skirt, giving us a view of her bloomers, so naturally I go in and pull them down revealing her soaked pussy. “Effective as always, alright buddy get that cock out and serve up a good dicking.” Gladly.

I climb on top of the sleeping magician and align my cock with her seeping entrance and insert it with high force. Her insides are incredibly welcoming to the foreign object, and yet the pressure seems to have no effect on her slumber. After the first insertion I stop, adjusting myself so that Seija can remove the rest of her clothing, once she gets a good position I start pumping in and out of our “guest”.

Based on how she refuses to have any reactions to our actions, it’s safe to assume Marisa was incredibly exhausted both from the battle and holding off how the tea was making her feel. It’ll make her reactions when she awakens all the more wonderful to see, the dread in her eyes as she’ll realize that we used her body for all kinds of things without her knowledge. After finishing up imagining the face of despair we’ll get I notice that Seija has wrapped up striping our new tool. With the nipples of her tiny breasts standing tall, her face painted a deep red, and her body glistening with sweat, safe to say that this could be a very easy turnover of allegiance. Looking over at Seija she starts admiring the magician’s small figure, eventually grabbing one of the limp arms as a means to finger herself. Using my free hands I begin to fondle her petite breasts, with the intent to wake our dreaming dicktoy.

We established a rhythm and kept it going for a few minutes, and despite our best efforts the maiden refused to wake. We need something stronger and perhaps a tad white and sticky. I begin to move with less care about anything, except for cumming with the force to knock her back into consciousness. In turn Seija takes the mouth perhaps hoping that stimulating her tongue could accelerate the process. Well whatever she expected to happen I’m not sure it was for Marisa’s pussy to tighten to a level where moving became harder, but I could compete. Grabbing onto the bed frame I thrust as hard as I could muster, with the combination of the intense pressure exuded by the magician’s insides and the speed at which I was moving quickly pushing me to the edge.

I begin my release and yell out “Wake up already you greedy bitch.” And greedy she was, taking shot after shot of my sperm deep inside her before finally as I was nearing the end of the load, she woke up. She blinks twice before looking at what we were doing, and saying with an incredibly weak voice. “What’s… going on? When did you… wait, that's the… amanojaku I… should’ve known you… were involved.” Seija takes on a proud look at the recognition and says to her.

“Well well well, look who finally woke up, you kept us waiting you rat.” She starts taunting the barely conscious black white. Taking the opportunity, I pull out then go right back in eliciting a gasp from the magician finally registering what we were up to. I look her right in the eyes staring her down until she accepts that she’s in too deep to get out of this unscathed. “You see my friend here? He’s been doing what he pleases with you for some time, doesn’t it just feel amazing? Isn’t it wonderful what a single loss can lead to?” Starting up the sweet talking so that the reversal lands easier. “Us weaklings get to have moments like this all the time, think about it. If being weak leads to wonderful nights then what’s the point in being strong. You could even gain the princesses forgiveness if you just accept your weakness, accept the experiences, accept his seed.” Seija takes a deep breath, then snaps her fingers.

A minute passes and no response from Marisa, so did it work or not? And then another, and another, multiple minutes pass and Marisa lays there silent. Testing the waters I start moving again. After a few thrusts we hear a moan come from the magician, she tries to hide the shame on her face but is unable to keep her mouth from letting out lewd sounds. “Yes yes keep feeling great, feel the pleasure only a weakling like us can provide.” Seija follows up by teasing her stiff nipples.

Marisa assents.

“Ok fine fine, I’m weak, I lost to your hard and powerful cock. I’ll do as you say as long as you keep giving me your strong seed.” Marisa, now reduced to a begging mess, gives her resolve to work with us. Seija, having gained the support of one of Gensokyo’s finest, starts cackling maniacally. “Hehehehe HAHAHAHA YOU HEAR THAT? WE’VE DONE IT. THE FIRST DOMINO IN THE CHAIN HAS FALLEN.” She calms down a bit before saying one last thing, “Alright just keep her occupied, I’ll go grab the princess she might want to see this.” Left alone with Marisa I prepare to give her the strong seed she’s now begging to have poured inside.

“Hah hah hah yes pound my feeble pussy, pour me full of that strong semen that you’re carrying. Being a weakling feels so GOOD, why did I ever try to gain strength when I could’ve had this my whole LIFE AUGH I’M CUMMING.” Her self-proclaimed weak pussy tightens as she jolts up in pleasure. I attempt to hold her in place as she experiences her first orgasm of her new life, and once she calms down she tries kissing me. Seija and the princess walk into the room, the princess sees what has become of Marisa and begins celebrating about how “our rebellion is now legitimate” or something, meanwhile Seija walks up to us and steals my lips from the washed up magician. The two start to fight over the right to kiss me, it causes me to be forced out of Marisa’s insides, seeing me fall out the two descend on my cock and begin fighting for it. Licking it all over with Seija even playing dirty and putting it between her boobs, despite it being a fight for those two it feels incredible for me, perhaps I should ask them to do this as a team some day.

I push the two down onto the bed and begin fucking both of them, switching which I’m inserted to with each thrust. Going between Marisa’s still new-to sex pussy and Seija’s trained insides invokes a pleasure I’ve never felt before, I don’t care that I can feel the princess staring us down or that things could go horribly for us if someone comes out searching for Marisa. All that matters here and now is giving one final load to my lovely girlfriend and our broken witch. And give it I shall.

It begins with me inside Seija who receives the first shot, I quickly move to Marisa who gets the second, now that both have gotten some I try to rapidly switch between them to spread it as much as possible before giving up and instead start cumming all over them. The princess suddenly swings her head onto my dick from behind me and starts drinking down the seed. “What? You thought I wouldn’t want to see what everyone around here raves about?” she says and then just… walks off like nothing happened.

All three of us collectively pass out on the bed, exhausted from the events of the day. In the morning we’ll integrate Marisa into the team and work from there, but with someone like her we might actually have a chance of reversing the world order… even if it’s only one girl at a time.
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One day, Anon was just minding his own business in his room––

*CRASH!* … *thump thump thump*
Uh-oh. It appears that some strange manner of misluck has had someone break into your place via a nearby room.

Thinking on your feet, you carefully and quietly push the chair against the door--a barricade that will buy you some time.

Still with your wits about you, you start to look for your phone.
Footfalls from nearby remind you of how much time you do not have.

*click click* Well that’s not good.

“I know you’re in there! Anon!” shrieked a female voice just beyond the door.

Alas, even if your presence is requested by this stranger, the fact that they fucking broke in like a criminal gives you no peace of mind, and therefore, is not something to just be given out so kindly~

You find your phone finally and swiftly slink into the closet. Calling emergency services, you hope that the clothes in here muddle the sound enough that you can get away with this.

Ah, there we go! “There is a break in at 92 Moe Falls. One burglar. Female. Unknown if armed--” *BANG BANG BANG BANG* “--about to break into this room. Please hurry.”

*CRASH!!!* …Holy shit, did they just obliterate the door? You figured it would’ve lasted a little longer--what kind of monster are you dealing with here?

Panicking, you mute the phone and find a jacket pocket in one of your hanged clothes to stuff it in. It’s important to stay on the line, but you can’t answer any more questions. In any case, it’d be bad if the burglar finds it, so at the very least, you can let them know what’s happening this way.

You steel yourself for anything. The footfalls chill your blood like ice. “No one, huh? We both know that’s a lie, but where oh where could you have hidden from me~?”

The footsteps are accompanied by a faint jingling you didn’t notice before.

“Under the bed~?”

Your world explodes into light as the closet doors fly open. A hand seizes the collar of your shirt, violently jerking you out and onto the floor.

“Found ya!” A boot crashes onto your stomach to accompany the joyous outcry.

Struggling for a breath, you clear the dizziness from your eyes and finally capture the heinous face of your assailer.

Red hair fastened by bells into pigtails. A orange-white checkerboard kimono. A yellow apron with her name on it.
The words fall out of your mouth before you can stop them, “Kosuzu Motoori?!”

“That’s right, Anon! Now, I’m sure you’re pretty confused about what I’m here for, so let’s get to business.”, she says in a cheerful tone inappropriate for the situation.

She pulls out a gun from her sleeve and points it at your face before you can even blink. “You broke your promise, you know. ‘Next update coming in two weeks!’ you said. Then two weeks turned into two months, two months into two seasons. There wasn’t even a notice of hiatus… You didn’t call it quits without telling us, right?” Her shoe presses a little more firmly into your gut.

“I didn’t know you read my stuff,” you blurt out dumbly.

“I read whatever I can get my hands on, and I’m not the only dissatisfied reader. In fact, Yukari actually really liked how you portrayed her in your story, so she volunteered to help a little with this plan. Oh! That actually reminds me.” A shade of realisation passed over Kosuzu’s face before returning to a casual demeanour.

“Don’t do anything stupid. This’ll only take just a second.” Gun still trained on your face, Kosuzu pulls out a grimy old pager in her other hand and toys with it for a second.

Your room melts away before your eyes into


“Welcome to your personal motivation room, Anon.”

It looked just like your room, except purple and wrong… at least from your view on the floor.

“Did I just get gapped?”

“Yep! Those cops you called aren't going to be of much use to help you now, so you might as well shut up and agree to finish what you started. There's a word processor on the desk.”

“Wait, hold on. If you could gap, why did you need to break in through the side of my place?”

“It was the plan we had before Yukari caught wind of what we’re doing. We decided not to change it because, well, promise-breaking sinners like you don’t deserve the nice plans~!”

Yikes, that’s cold.

Kosuzu continues, “We need you to understand your position here, who you’re dealing with. We don’t take half measures to get what we want.”

“Alright. Fine. So say I do get back on the story and finish it. Then what?”

“Who knows? Depending on what you write, maybe we’ll send you back, or maybe not. Worst case, maybe we’ll just finish you off, so you’d better not disappoint~✰”, she winked audibly.

“Seriously?! I finish writing the story and then I die?! Why should I even go along with this, then?”

“Jeez, has anyone ever tell you that you ask too many questions?” Kosuzu rolled her eyes in annoyance. “I was implying that we’d only resort to that if it sucked, you know. But in any case, you’ve kept us enraptured this far, so I’m sure that won’t happen! Now, is that everything you wanted to know or have you been properly motivated yet?”

“What about my job? My education?? My friends and family??? I had stuff going on! And what about my basic needs!?”

“Again with the stupid questions, but fine: We honestly couldn’t really care about any of that, but we will take care of you! What we want from you can only happen when you’re in front of the wordpro, so you really don’t need to worry about anything else. All you could need to survive can be provided, and all you have to do is write!”

This is insane, but she has a gun pointed to your face. “Fine, have it your way.”

She smiles brightly, and after what felt like forever, removes her foot from your stomach.
With Kosuzu’s help, you reluctantly stumble to your feet, clutching your aching gut.

At the desk sat an old monitor with a keyboard. Sitting down, the dark screen blinked, waiting for input.

God, where did you even leave off?

Jingling steps approach you before a weight presses against the back of your head. “Is there a problem, Anon?”

“...I just kind of forgot where I left off.”

The weight suddenly disappears as it jumps back. “What? But it hasn’t even been a year yet!? Surely you didn’t just forget everything and planned to leave it as it was forever?!”

That was entirely the wrong thing to say--!
“Nonononono! What I mean is between suddenly getting kidnapped and having a gun pointed at me, I’m just having a harder time slipping into the zone! That’s all!”

“Hum. I see how it is.”

Alright, never a good phrase to hear.

“It sounds like your memory needs to be jumpstarted before you can continue. To be clear, we don’t have your old updates here, so the only option we have right now is to clear your head before continuing.” A soft hand grips your chin tightly.

I very much don’t like the way you said that!

“It’s kind of funny, you know because here I was thinking I wasn’t ever going to use this.”

The gun Kosuzu holds flashes into your vision a split of a split second before your leg flares with a spike of sudden pain!

You nearly tumble out of the chair, but Kosuzu holds you in place.
“Just take it easy~”

A groan escapes your mouth as you grip the armrests tightly.

After a few moments, you feel an unnatural haze clouding your mind.

“W-What do you do to me...?”

Kosuzu giggles. “You just got injected with one of Eientei’s most powerful love potions! Your mind should be feeling pretty cloudy from what I’m told but also really horny!”

“Yuh mean an aphrodisiac, then. Or anaesthetic, eh guesz...?” Damn, even your speech is starting to slur...! She got you good.

“If that’s what helps you sleep at night! Ooh!”, she calls out distractedly, “I can see it tenting!”

As she pointed it out, you noticed that your pants were indeed starting to feel a little tight, painfully so.

“Anyways, the point was to shoot you with this in case you were getting difficult. I was going to make you beg and stuff for release to keep you in line, but we’re shooting for post-nut clarity today to get your head clean of all those distracting thoughts! Isn’t that so nice of me?”

“F-Fuck! Ahy already agreed to write! Plezz Kosuzu, ahy... I need release!”

“Wow, this is going better than expected!” She reaches down and rips your pants off.

Kosuzu helped you clear your head all night.
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File 171266182382.jpg - (163.17KB, 850x1233, __komano_aunn_touhou_drawn_by_washiwa__sample-51ff.jpg)
“Ah, Yuuji! You’re finally here!” Aunn said, as she hopped to her feet. I nodded, doffing my tokin hat with a smile and taking her hand.

“Indeed I am. Apologies, I was stuck into work back at base.” I gently raised the hand I’d taken, giving a gentle kiss to the back of it. She chuckled, face flush already. “Though… I don’t know if how late I am deserves a ‘finally’.” I’d frankly been about as fast as I could without showing up drenched in my own sweat, and managed to be only about ten minutes late to the tryst.

Aunn smiled, her eyes gleaming. “We-ell, I’ve been waiting here all day, y’know? You were held back to the end of your shift, and I was held back until you got here, of course.”

I put my hands together in contrition. “Apologies, Aunn. I didn’t realize Reimu set your clock-out time to mine.” I looked up at the shrine proper. It had been decked out to the nines for the night, with strings of lanterns providing a warm glow to the festive atmosphere. Already, the shrine was bustling, which from experience told me that there was likely a generous amount of refreshment proffered and accepted among the guests. “I hope you’ve been able to get yourself a few snacks and drinks, at least.”

She chuckled, flicking her rather well-done hair up. I made a small note to compliment her on it when the chance came. “Ah, I’ve been taking it in shifts, and Reimu’s checked on me a few times as well. I’ve not been sitting here starving, trust me.” Or thirsting, either, judging by how noticeably rosy her cheeks were. I smiled in relief, gently pulling her from her post.

Then the slight unexpected detail caught my attention. “...You’ve found someone to watch for you?” I found myself raising an eyebrow as I considered her words more fully. It was a surprising thought - Aunn had beyond exacting standards for guarding the shrine, and had long been adamant that no one else could take her place. The Komainu just chuckled, brushing my cheek with her tail and leading me into the crowd.

It was the kind of question that was, in the end, rather core to my purposes. The still somewhat recent Four Seasons Incident had been what brought the Komainu of the shrine to mobility, and since then, the efforts of the tengu to oversee the Hakurei Shrine’s activities had come to a screeching halt. The lion-dog had spent her years as a statue watching and observing the efforts of all the comings and goings of the youkai who frequented the shrine, and put that experience to quite effective practice in repelling the tengu assigned to keep an eye on the erratic shrine maiden.

This had been tentatively accepted at first, but the recent Ability Card Incident had brought Reimu and one of the top brass to cross purposes, and efforts had promptly been redoubled to find a weak point in the komainu’s iron defense. Apparently no less than thirty crows had tried, and failed, to establish surveillance on the miko’s movements, before the daitengu’s already-wounded pride was humbled enough to seek help beyond the crows.

Which was when I, naturally, had suggested that the problem and the solution were one and the same. Perhaps started by that irredeemable Shameimaru, or perhaps as a result of the inevitable similarities between the guard dog of the shrine and those of the mountain, the crows had taken a rather imperious, top-down approach, refusing to try any tactics that could not be seen as simple dominance. Before the daitengu had deigned to stoop to ask for the assistance of the wolf tengu, we had already been discussing the simple solution to getting intel on the shrine and getting Aunn off the surveyor’s back.

It was to seduce the komainu, and solicit the intel (and a variety of other sounds) from her own lips. After all, Aunn couldn’t be on the surveyor’s back if she was already clutching on the surveyor’s front.

Oh, if only we knew.

I won’t lie and pretend that such plans came from our heads, rather than areas rather south. We were all rather taken with the Hakurei’s faithful hound, having many of the traits us wolves sought in a mate with a rare exoticism that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Among the barracks, the usual words used to describe Komano Aunn were ‘statuesque beauty’; and only partially in the obvious jest. She had smooth and unblemished skin, beautiful curled hair that was almost unique to her in all of Gensokyo and a chest that threatened to tend her button-up shirts apart with every step. There was a refined elegance to her that simply couldn’t be found among most other canine youkai, unless they wanted to disavow from being canines at all. She was of a lightning wit, and she could blend in both with the grace of the shrine and with the rough of the guards, as well.

But while the initial idea had been… instinctive, thinking it through proved it had merit. Reimu treated Aunn as a confidant, at least of convenience, and was completely unguarded around her. She was also oftentimes a trying individual, and even Aunn herself was known to have her complaints. Bring in the inherent commonality in any guard duties, and it’d be very easy to pry some plans from her lips.

In the end, when the crows had at last given up and turned their heads to us for help, I was the one who naturally took the task in hand. Guard-Captain Yuuji, the youngest of the guard-captains and one of those stationed at Great Tenma’s Palace. Lean and agile, rather than the intimidating brawn typical of the male wolves. Learned of a few of the crow’s talents for seduction and deception, and naturally talented enough to pick them up just by watching them ply their trade amongst each other. Able to take on a more refined guise than the usual White Wolf Tengu, while still a guardsman through and through. The perfect response to Aunn’s own nature… even moreso than I knew.

We went around the stalls, chatting away about our work and our bosses. She made for incredibly enjoyable company, and I enjoyed no small amount of glares from the other wolves and crows as I took Aunn from stall to stall.

There was a couple of moments where I realized I was under the gaze of the Shrine Maiden. I hadn’t been formally introduced to her as Aunn’s suitor yet, but I’d seen plenty of her out and about, as had anyone decently well-traveled. She was like an ever-shifting metal, at times soft and easy to manipulate, at times as hard and resolute as steel. The gazes she gave me that night felt very much like the latter kind; cold and tactical, assessing me. I didn’t know at the time whether she was onto me in full or just wanting to protect her komainu’s heart, but either way, the appropriate response was the same; keep calm and carry on.

Once we’d had our fill of the festivities, and as a fireworks show was announced as starting in a matter of minutes (real fireworks this time from the kappa, not like the disastrous fireworks contest of a few years back - a crystalline example of why keeping track of the Hakurei was important), I found myself getting pulled along, away from the crowd and into the living quarters of the shrine. There were only a few reasons why a girl takes you away from the festival, and I was quite happy for any of them to be the reason she had in mind. Granted, if I’d known what was about to happen, I’d have probably made my thanks for the wonderful night and fled straight back to the youkai mountain, but it’d be a while yet before I’d realize what a terrible, terrible mistake I was making.

When we were cloistered in what was presumably Aunn’s room, she turned to me, taking my hands giving me a kiss. “Yuuji, would you close your eyes?” I did as requested, holding my breath, expecting any number of things. Particularly scandalous underwear, perhaps, or no underwear at all.

What I didn’t expect was the small sound of the door carefully sliding open, and a pair of divine breasts to press themselves against my back. A voice that my instincts told me should still be in front of me whispered into my ear, dripping with need and with sex.


I opened my eyes, turning my head around to the new guest. It was… also Aunn, the same as the one already before me. I blinked, trying to process what I was seeing. “You have a twin sister?”

The Aunn in front of me shook her head, while the one behind chuckled. “No, no, no. They’re both me. Back when I first came to life, I could only do it for a short while, but… now I can keep both body’s up for as long as I want.” Her front body leaned in, taking the ear that her other half wasn’t at. “Or… for as long as you want.” Each one of them whispered in my ear. “Yuu. Ji.”

It was at precisely that moment that the fireworks went off. Or… it felt like it, anyways. The time to consider the tactical implications could wait; now was the time for thorough practical examination.

I was immediately set upon by both of Aunn, and threw myself enthusiastically into the task laid before me. Who wouldn’t? The chance to do what amounted to twins, without any of the associated baggage? I locked tongues with one while the other stripped me, and before long, the three of us were laying on the floor.

Both of her bodies were literal perfection, everything me and the boys had fantasized about, and doubled over. Her skin was even more perfect, her chests so great that I wondered how her buttons managed their tireless duty. And for someone who was supposedly new to the task at hand, she took to it with practiced aplomb, drawing me down and laying me on my back. Some dim part of me felt that the classic position of all canines would be the best option, and wondered why she didn’t feel the same; the bit actually making the decisions at the time was happy with whatever she told me to do.

As she broke the kiss, her other body was down by my loins, hefting her impressive assets aloft. She gave me a look that invited a question, to which my brain could only imagine one possible answer. I nodded, and she brought her breasts down to bear.

And that was the exact moment when Karma struck her first blow. The first thing one needs to know about dating a komainu is that they are carved from stone, or forged from metal, to be peerlessly resistant to the elements as vigilant protectors. When they come to life, their bodies may soften, but they’ll retain more elements of their composition than just their horn and ears.

Such as their density. And their weight.

I gasped as the komainu’s bust crashed down atop my groin, almost winding me from the force. For a great mercy, my shaft, rather than being crushed, slipped easily between the mounds, and was happily ensconced in between her breasts. The southern Aunn reached her head down, taking what parts of me had managed to crest her breast, and began a thorough caress of my surging cock.

The Aunn above my head was kissing me almost as passionately as the one below was sucking me, and even while I struggled to regather myself, what parts of me could still move were eager to match her twinned fervor. I caressed her breasts, kissing her deeply and drawing no small amount of moans from her. Moreover, the moans didn’t necessarily come from the mouth attached to the breasts above me; instead, many of them I felt reverberating through my shaft, only further driving me onwards.

When she broke the kiss, I did my best to follow her up, but I was still pinned beneath her other body. I instead took a moment to regather my breath, blinking away spots in my eyes.

The other body, for her part, was trailing a long line of precum from her mouth, and was drawing me back from the brink of climax with slow, gentle caresses. I tried to buck against her to get over the last hill to release, but it was a hopeless endeavor. My hips simply couldn’t move.

Already, Karma was preparing its second strike. The second thing one needs to understand about dating komainu is that, well… there are two of them. Satisfying one body isn’t enough; both bodies need to be pleasured simultaneously. And by nature of being moving stone, both of them are far stronger than they look.

Komainu are designed to defeat youkai. If you get in bed with one, and she wants to dominate you, there’s very, very little you can do to stop it.

As my eyes came back into focus, I realized the body I had been kissing had moved. She’d all but straddled my chest, hooking my arms into the crook of her knees, and grinning down at me with open, controlling lust. Belatedly, I realized the disastrous situation I was in, and tried to free myself before her voluptuous hind knocked the wind out of me, but she’d taken my hands in her own, and had me helpless beneath her. She lowered herself, inch by inch, proffering her dripping folds to my muzzle, barely avoiding bringing her full weight to bear. I only had one choice; keep her there, no matter what.

My mouth dived into her folds, desperately trying to keep her where I could pleasure her. Where I could survive her. She cooed, reaching up to pat my head. “Gooooood boy Yuuji!” She grinned down at me, smugly, like I was the pet in the room. Like I was her pet. Her other body dived back onto my prick, and both began a rhythmic pattern, timing the petting of my head with the slathering of my cock. Carving into my brain a connection between the act of submission and the feelings of immense pleasure.

I realized that meant one of my hands was free, and desperately tried to bring it to bear in lifting her thighs away from crushing my lungs. And found myself envying Sisyphus - at least the titanic boulder he had to push didn’t push back just to make a point, trapping his arm in a soft, pillowy vice. Aunn’s free mouth chuckled, her body bucking into my face, slathering it with her juices. Marking me as hers.

Slowly, I began to feel something stirring in her. Her voice turned slowly, from chuckling and needling to gasping and moaning. But if I had thought that might mean I could gain the upper hand, I was sorely mistaken. I was also rising to the edge of climax, and she was the one who could set the pace. When I nearly had her, she dived on my prick, deep-throating it to the hilt and bringing out my release.

I gasped and groaned with each pulse, my body trying and failing to move with the pleasure. All that could truly move was my tongue, which dived even further into Aunn’s folds, finally bringing her to climax after me. Her juices flowed down over my face, and belatedly, I realized my mistake; her knees went weak, and the full force of her weight came down on me, enveloping my face in her thighs. I was in heaven. I was in hell.

Through the gap in her thighs that seemed like the entire known universe to me, Aunn looked down, panting and grinning at her prey. “Well, Yuuji, you certainly know how to work a girl. Guess that old line about lady-killer spies is true, eh?” My ears flicked back as what she said dawned on me, and she chuckled. “Oh yes… I know full well what you are. You’re lucky you’re cute, you know.”

Karma’s third blow felt like it’d be the death of me. The third thing to know about dating komainu is that they are protectors - inherently territorial, inherently aggressive to those who mean ill to what is theirs, and inherently possessive of both their land and their loved ones. When you threaten their territory, you risk their wrath. And when you catch their eye, you won’t be able to get away. I felt what little air was left in my lungs wasting away, struggling to free myself of the soft prison, beginning to black out. Aunn waited, grinning, until I was just on the cusp of unconsciousness before she finally moved.

I gasped for breath, trying to take stock of the situation, find an escape route. I became aware of a number of seals placed on the door, likely nullifying sounds within this room, and likewise my ability to escape. I hadn’t brought my sword with me on the date, assuming I’d have far more need of its more sensual counterpart, and the window was too small to climb through. I was just about considering diving for the wall and hoping for the best, when one of the Aunns - I’d lost track of which - pushed my shoulders back, laying my head on the other’s thighs. Her tits hung low above my face, threatening to swallow it again.

“I’m not done yet, Yuuji.” Both sets of Aunn’s eyes burned with desire, almost seeming to glow in the firework-lit room. She was propped up on top of me, her lower lips brushing ever-so-slightly on my cock. If she pushed down now, I’d have the whole of her stony weight on me. “You’ll fill me up, won’t you? I think I deserve at least that much for you stringing me along.”

I tried to get away, but my hands were grabbed by the body behind my head. I tried to stutter out a response, desperately. “I-I wasn’t stringing-“

“Oh, I know.” She said, grinning. “I didn’t go along with it just to make a point, you know. You make excellent company, you’re hot as anything… I think I’m in love with you, Yuuji.”

Words that would have made my heart soar not an hour ago now landed on me with a thud. I tried one last, desperate time, to avoid the inevitable. “Aunn, I can explain-“

“I don’t want your explanations, and I don’t want your intel. All I want,” She said, pressing her folds against my tip, “Is your company… and your cock.”

She slammed down. Immense pleasure. Incredible pain. My shaft was in ecstasy, the survivor in the eye of the storm of Aunn’s lust, safely slipped inside her, reaching deep into her - into one of her most precious places. My body was in agony, trying to comprehend what amounted to a stone statue using my pelvis as its pedestal. My senses screamed conflicting signals at each other, and anything resembling a rational thought left me entirely.

And then she began to move. Slowly at first, drawing out each second of pleasure and relief, and then feasting on my dread as she slid down to press herself against me again. Bit by bit, she picked up the pace. Slowly. Then faster. Then faster again, until she was throwing her whole body up and down like a madwoman, hammering me into the floor and her other body’s thighs. Bouncing like a rabbit, landing like the moon itself.

I had no hope of resisting. She knocked the wind out of me with every pound, and what reason I managed to muster was lost in the storm of emotions. Each landing only seemed to bury my head further into the cushioning of her thighs, until it seemed I would never become free again. In turn, the thighs around me bucked and pushed against me, rubbing my hair into her loins, an ear hooking on her clit. I was vaguely aware that her love juices were soaking through my hair, and some incredibly optimistic part of my mind noted that if - if - I survived this, all the other wolves would know what she’d done from thirty paces away.

Fifty, even. A hundred, if they were downwind.

Every one of my senses screamed Komano Aunn. My eyes could see nothing but her faces. My ears could hear her heartbeat through her thighs. My nose filled with the scent of her sweat and her lust. Every sensation across my skin came about at her whim. Even my tongue wasn’t spared, soaking up her sweat and juices that cascaded down over me. She was the world to me, a vast ocean of Aunn I was adrift in the middle of.

An ocean that was on the verge of swallowing me whole. Her breaths were getting ragged again, and I could feel the rising tide of my own lust. I tried to tell her, and she grinned, slowing down her jackhammer-like thrusts for even more power, landing even harder than before. A rising crescendo, an inhaling of breath.

And then the crash, and the release. Her very last slam threw her whole body down, sprawling atop me and knocking the wind from my chest yet again. Her lips locked with mine, as the body whose thighs I was buried in let out an ascendant moan. The walls of her pussy clenched, and were coated, over and over and over again, from the one part of me that had somehow survived the experience unscathed.

It was the worst torture I’d ever endured. It was also the best sex I’d ever had. Slowly, the dimmed bulbs of my mind began to light up again, to process the situation. Like the fact that the weight of the Aunn atop me had slid off, and the thighs around my head had released their iron grip.

Energy I didn’t know I still had surged through me. Before long, I was on my feet. I had somehow survived my bout with Karma, alive and even some semblance of intact. It took a few seconds to find the door, and while the seals stung, they were nothing compared to the pressure I’d just endured. Only a few more, and-

“Yuuuuuuujiiiiiii…” my body froze. Aunn had wrapped one of herself around my waist, anchoring me to the spot. I was spun around, to see the other one on the ground holding a leg sky high, revealing her empty pussy. “You’ve only half filled me, you know.”

It had been a long, long time since I’d whimpered like a pup, but I did it, then and there. “Y-you mean… a round two?”

And that was when Karma revealed that our bout was far from over. The fourth, final and most important thing to know about dating komainu is that their vigil is eternal. They protect their charges without fail, day through wind and rain, every day and every night.

Endlessly. Ceaselessly.


Aunn chuckled, her voice dripping with sex. The one miraculously unbruised part of me stirred at the sound, sealing my fate.

“Round two? Round two? Oh Yuuji, Yuuji, Yuuji…” the one on the ground shook her head, chuckling, as her other body leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “You haven’t even finished round one.”

I remember being flabbergasted by an idea I'd overheard among some of the more scientifically-minded noble crows - that humans, wolves, dogs, and many other animals are seventy percent water, or thereabouts. It was blatantly ridiculous to me that beings made of such solid material could be largely based out of liquid.

By the time the morning came, I had to concede the point. Aunn had wrung gallons out of me. If we were any less than half-water, I’d have been a shriveled husk by the time dawn broke.

When the morning came, and Aunn finally relented - if only to do a patrol of the grounds - the husk of what once could be called Guard-Captain Yuuji’s body was dragged upright, and limped in the direction of any source of liquid I could think of. By some chance, there was a teapot and some cups waiting for me in the main room, and I set upon it greedily, taking heaping gulps.

It was matcha tea - Aunn’s favourite, not mine - but the teapot was full to the brim. My battered brain tried to piece together why she’d make a pot of her own tea and not drink it, while a small, more alert part tried to sound the obvious alarm-

“A-hem. Yuuji, right?“

-that Aunn was likely not the person who had made it. I turned. The Hakurei Shrine Maiden was leaning on the doorway, staring at me.

I nodded, silently. She didn’t respond at first, just looking me up and down. Appraising me.

“And… you’re Aunn’s boyfriend?” There was a long, long pause. One where I contemplated many, many options of response, and found only one acceptable answer.

Another awkward nod. That seemed to satisfy her, and she straightened up, going back to work. She didn’t even seem to give me a glance as she stepped right past me-

“Break her heart and I’ll skin you.”

-and into her own bedchambers. I quivered. My tail hid between my legs. I spent a few minutes there, by myself, contemplating how I’d ever survive a Shrine Maiden’s wrath.

It was a few minutes too long. She’d crept up on me, while I was dazed, and before I knew it I was once again surrounded by green, curly hair, and beautiful, deadly bodies.

And the insatiable appetite of a pair of divine beasts. They each whispered into one of my ears.

“Well, Yuuji? Ready for round sixteen?”

Addendum from the Chief of the Crow Tengu:

Guard-Captain Yuuji, what the fuck is this? A humble-brag, a plea for help, a misplaced chapter from your diary? For that matter, is something wrong with your entire family? First I find your brother knotted to the hilt during guard duty, and now rather than giving a concise report like a sane person you’ve handed over autobiographical pornography.

No, I don’t want to hear how this happened. I don’t want to think about this document ever again. And for that matter, no, your mission objectives won’t change just because the Komainu knows what you were trying to do. You made this dog-bed, you bragged about how much better you'd be than the Crow Tengu, you can lie in it for all I care.

Just please send an actual proper report next time.

Iizunamaru, M.

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File 171268561741.jpg - (60.40KB, 850x567, enoko.jpg)
Her laughs infected your ears, shivering them with how close her canines were.

“You’re quite good, Farmer boy.” Her snow-white hair hinders her pristine red eyes from your view. But you knew, oh you knew, that her devilish grin was hiding behind them. “All you need to do is stay still and you’ll be fine.” She trailed her finger on your packs, the skin slightly tanned as the byproduct of your days managing your field.

“Enoko, when I married you, I knew—very well—that you were pretty much insane.” You said, fully aware of the two (2) bear traps she affectionately(?) placed upon both of your footings. “But I had never imagined it to this extent.”

She replied with nothing but a chuckle, grinding her labia with your throbbing penis.

Truth was, this position was nothing out of the ordinary, in which the male partner would hold their partners while standing, and their counterparts would cling to their bodies with their legs wrapping around the male’s midriff. You would bet that even prehistoric humans had already discovered this in their time discovering the varieties of sex. What makes your current position exceptional, is the fact that the stakes to keep on standing were unreasonably high. The bear traps under both your feet were strapped in the front section of your sole, forcing you to distribute your center of gravity in the back of your foot if you want to keep your lower extremities intact. Losing your balance was equivalent to losing your leg. This position ultimately limited your movement as you were gripping her ass in a desperate attempt not to trigger the bear traps.

It was a pure test of balance, a dangerous facet to release your sexual urges whilst also being a torture for you to struggle on.

“You didn’t even look like you bothered at all.” She flashed her signature shit-eating (or in this case, penis-grinding) grin. “Farmer boy, it’s as if you’re also enjoying yourself here.”

“I specifically asked for a handjob.”

She raised one of her brows, giving you her impression of worry. “Can’t do. It‘d be over the moment I grabbed your—em…thing. Then you’d leave me with disappointment.“ You felt rather sad about the fact her refusal of your request was not out of worry for your being, but of her own wants to please herself, though you figured you should’ve expected that earlier.

As you struggled to balance yourself, you took a better look at the face of your beloved wife. Her short silver hair was as exquisite as the first time you saw her. Her hairstyle consisted of one big arch throughout, with some parts of it being slightly darker than the rest. You did not forget to appreciate her ears, both the human ones hidden behind the curtains of her hair and the wolf-youkai ones that you couldn’t help but adore.

You would’ve afforded better attention to her attire had it not been thrown across the room already, a fine purple top adorned with semi-transparent white cloth in the upper margin. It is lovely, you thought, and it is one of the contributing factors that interested your heart in her in the first place. Her pink skirt was in no need to be discarded, so you both decided that she would roll them up her torso so she could just start grinding along the veiny base of your dick. You cast your gaze upon her necklace too, recalling her story of it being the jewel responsible for her beautiful human form. And since you didn’t want her to suddenly revert to her wolf form in the middle of your sex, you asked her to keep it on. It made her look even more alluring anyway.

You kissed the crook of her neck, licking it passionately in an attempt to savor the taste into your long-term memory. Slowly shifting into her left clavicle, you kissed its crevices with as much passion before finally settling on her back. The ridges of her scapula tantalized you.

“Mmnnhh~ Careful there, Honey. You don’t wanna lose your leg, hmm?” She pampered your head under her arms, the same arms that had the same bear traps that were equally as dangerous as the ones below. You prayed the thing wouldn’t malfunction all of a sudden.

“I am frustrated.” You whispered to her neck. “Can we at least put it inside?”

“Mmh…No,” She tittered. What a devil. “I want to play with you a little longer, so stay with me.”

She proceeded to grind your dick even rougher, the wet slit pushing both of you restless in anticipation. You were forced to hold onto her thighs, which were luckily plump enough that they fitted just right in your hands, another one of her body parts that you’d appreciate more had the circumstances let you. Your cerebellum overworked itself to maintain balance for your sake, or its own sake, depending on how you perceive yourself. The muscles in your lower extremities struggled about, questioning why had the brain's integration system voluntarily chosen to punish its fellow organs-in-arms. Your limbic system was confused about whether to take notice of the obvious warning of danger from the amygdala or to focus on the stimulations of pleasure from the hypothalamus. She was ramming herself against your pelvis at this point, making it harder for you to maintain balance on your footing. Eventually, you changed your standing position before the weight could surpass the threshold of the bear traps.

But then, in the middle of your hair-scratching session, Enoko slowed down, a hint of restraint present in her face. You thought of it for a second, perhaps it was guilt that had finally reached her? Or is it the fear that she might have been too careless in the risk of losing your leg?

Whatever it may be, you wouldn’t let anything ruin this moment.

“I guess you can’t help but be worried.” Your voice came to her ears, casting her focus solely onto your face.

“No, it’s just…” She stuttered, trying her best to sound as confident as before. “You know, there are three main factors the body uses to maintain balance; the eyes, the legs, and the inner ear. I was thinking that if I went too far, you would—“

You put your index in front of her mouth, shutting her.

“I am your husband, Enoko, pleasuring you is only part of my responsibility.” You convinced her. “So, don’t hold back.”

The yamainu looked at you dreamily, pink hues tainting the cute face you’ve grown to absolutely love. She wrapped her arms around your head (bear traps still present), bringing your gaze to her.

"I could just chop your head off, right here, right now" She offered in a sultry voice, which you answered;

"I would be honored."

Without any warning, she leaned her face towards yours, sinking herself in a deep, passionate kiss. Tongues intertwined, you closed your eyes to feel the taste engraved in your lips, a sensation only the two of you could delve into. For several moments you drew apart, and in those moments you both immediately went back to kissing. Now with your eyes completely closed, you’ve lost your visual input, being one step closer to permanently crippling your legs.

After being satisfied with the make-out, the yamainu brought your head down to her chest, trapping you between her body’s natural jewelry. You heed no time to suffocate yourself in them, licking the curves of her breasts and the crests of her sternum. With your ears covered between her mammae, your brain has lost contact with its good-old reliable vestibular system, your sense of balance closer to being completely negated. With two of your balancing factors gone, you were trapped in a corner you couldn’t escape. Like a man holding onto a cliff’s edge—clinging desperately from their inevitable fall, you solely directed your focus to grasp your only lifeline—her ass.

The muscles in your leg were stressed as they figuratively screamed in pain, growing sore each moment she thrust her weight onto you. The yamainu spared your penis no mercy too, smacking her loins to yours with much power. The entrance of her nether lips sliding along the upper side of your tortured cock. Eventually, you can’t take it any longer.

Her movements were proven too much for you to handle, forcing you to reposition your legs. Your foot had no choice but to press on the trigger of the bear traps and—

It snapped.

Enoko’s eyes shot wide open as she heard the sound of clanking metal, realizing what just transpired. This revelation left her vulnerable, and in that split second of shock, you immediately took the chance to take over the initiative. You held over her hips, making sure you got a great grip on her body before lifting her up and plunging her back down, pushing your dick straight into her vagina.

She threw her head against you as the tip of your dick rammed her cervix. Her back arches in pleasure, body convulsed amid her climax. Her voice fluctuated several octaves high, screaming your name before finally settling down into desperate gasps of air. Finally, you put her down on the bed beside you with her sight being a mess of sweat.

“How…” Her voice trembled. “Your leg…they…”

“I figured you’d do something like this. So I put up some countermeasures beforehand.” You pulled the drawer in your sides, revealing several empty shots of painkillers in it. Eyes half-lidded, Enoko gave you a weak smile as she simply ran out of breath.

“You’re wrong…” Her chest heaved. “I’m not the one insane here, you are.”

You felt satisfied.

“Now, now, don’t think I’ll let you win this easily~” Her body was laid before you. With her skirt discarded, the only accessory left covering her nude body would be her jewel, if it had covered anything in the first place. Her inguinal line entranced you to take a look at her lower half, her vagina soaked wet from the grinding session. The yamainu put two of her fingers on her pussy and spread it open for you to see.

Looks like it would be a long night.

Your cock was all cock and loaded, ready to plow your wife into cloud nine. Its bulging shaft had all but veins all over it. With nothing else to say, you aimed your dick at her entrance and struck her deep.

But then it was too much.

You forgot about the fact that your dick had long endured the torture from the previous session, making it unable to take any more stimulations. So as you plunged your dick, your mind instinctively went blank. Soon enough, you’d realize you have made a big mistake.

You came immediately.

You knew she wouldn’t take this fact lightly. She’d be furious, her husband just gave her the time of her life and left her out in its best parts. She would probably kill you.

“You can move now, Farmer.” She said in a mocking tone, not yet realizing the calamity you had cast upon her. “What’s wrong?”

Shit, shit, shit. You tried to get your penis back, but your efforts didn’t bring it any harder. Shit, you’ll disappoint her. She’ll leave your marriage for good and leave it all behind just because you failed to please her. You have failed in your responsibility as her husband.

It was over.

Your village life was over.

There was no point in turning back. You’ve grown tired of the harsh, tireless labor that you finally decided to leave it all behind. They kept expecting you to work harder and harder, but none of your efforts had helped you to even grasp that goal. You knew your parents wouldn’t feel happy with this decision, but you couldn’t care less.

Being a farmer was never your calling in the first place.

Now, the overgrown vegetation of the Forest of Magic was the only thing present in your view. You have discarded your shirt in an attempt to scare off potential predators, exposing your sun-burnt skin and its abdominal muscles. Towering above you were the exuberant trunks of banyan, whose branches were so dense they blocked the sunlight from reaching your skin. Rage, guilt, and the sense of discarded responsibility weighed upon your body. But you didn’t feel fear in the slightest. Hell, had there been any creature that tried to disturb you, you would’ve been sure that you’d ram through them like the moving wall they’ve told you were.

You settled on a tree, resting your body on one of the giant stems of the restless forest. You leaned your back against the hardwood, thinking of how you would manage your life from this point forward. As you tried to contemplate, however, a woman’s grunt disturbed your focus. You tried looking back, but the trunk was simply too wide for a quick glance. Eventually, you shifted over to see the source of your interest.

A girl with shoulder-length snow-white hair, bruises all over her body. Her purple clothes were all torn apart in varying places on her torso. Her pink skirt had been ruined by a giant shred on one of its sides. Her hands were…armed with a bear trap in each. You didn’t understand that last detail, so you double-checked. She, in fact, has a bear trap strapped in each hand. The girl very quickly noticed your presence, aiming the bear traps in her hand in your direction.


She threw several bear traps at you, which you deflected with ease. You stopped and wondered for a moment. Was that it? That was her power? In a world where destroying mountains was a small feat, powers like that would bring her to nowhere.

She saw how you avoided her projectiles. In a desperate attempt for her life, she curled herself up and pleaded for mercy.

“I-I can't! P-Please, don't hurt me… I have nothing!” She whined, flailing her arms at you. The traps snapped and opened in turns.

As you approached her pitiful state, you couldn't help but think about the obvious imbalance in your roles. Wasn't she a youkai? You never actually met one in person, but you doubt that a normal human would use bear traps as their weapon of choice. Perhaps, she was a trap youkai? “As long as you don't attack me, I won't hurt you in return.”

“Who…” The girl whimpered. “Who are you? Villagers wouldn't pass the opportunity to hurt anyone that isn't human…”

You briefly shut your mouth, thinking about the correct response before finally answering. “I'm just a regular farmer who left the village for nothing… I have no more affiliations with that place.”

Your first interaction with a youkai turned out to be a pleasant experience, more pleasant than you thought it would be. She told you that she still hasn't quite adjusted to her human body, as she was previously just a yamainu with nothing to worry about in her life. Her introduction to her bipedal life was, to put it in words, crude. The ruthless battlefield of the Forest of Magic had in no way helped her grasp the basic understanding of danmaku, and thus the forest's long-lived occupants simply mistook her as a small fry.

Since you two didn't get yourselves a proper place to stay, you decided to make a settlement of your own under the same banyan tree where you met her. Having no more obligations, you decided to talk to the youkai for the rest of the day.

Your days in the Forest of Magic turned into weeks.

“Have you heard about the spellcard market incident?” She laid down with her back on the ground, with a bear trap still strapped on each of her wrists. You suspected that she might be unable to put them off. “You know, the one involving the goddess of marketplaces?”

You shook your head, setting your sight on her exposed shoulders. You thought that her attire was quite nice to look at.

“The presence of the market god had freed the lands of Gensokyo from its ownership. In case you didn't know, this banyan tree we're settling upon could be very well ours. Like, officially ours.”

A thought emerged from your mind. If what she said was true, the farm you had left in the village might have very well lost its ownership too. Maybe it was time to take action.

“You shouldn't tell this to anybody though,” She continued. “Bet the people of this land wouldn't take this fact as lightly.”

You asked about what would happen if, hypothetically, someone out there were to abuse this fact for their own gains.

“Well,” She tittered, her voice felt addicting in your ears. Youkai be damned, this girl was the only thing you wanted in your life. “As far as nobody else knows about this, Farmer boy.”

Why did she even call you that… You really hoped that she wouldn't use that as her pet name for you in the future…

“You know, I have been thinking lately that maybe I could turn back into my previous form.”

“Huh? Why all of a sudden?” You asked her. “Do you not enjoy your current life?”

She fell silent for a brief moment. “It's just that… There are so many things to think of nowadays, things such as consequences, duty, and expectations. I had no obligation for those when I was just a wolf. Responsibilities like that kept bothering me.”

You reflected on those words. Calmly reasoning with yourself to build the proper words before you utter your thoughts. “I suppose that feeling is normal, the imminent fear of failing other's expectations, the constant worry from your duty. I once had that too.”

The yamainu gazed at your face. Her eyes glimmered under the sunlight.

“I have a farm back in the village. Back when I was still a villager, I worked my ass every day to get my job right, but eventually I abandoned it. I was simply frustrated, my parents kept expecting me to be a great farmer but I… just don't feel any enjoyment from it. That's why I left the village.” You took a deep, short breath. “What I learned is that my way of things was wrong, you can't just leave your responsibility. I should've learned to be a man and bear those burdens to my grave.”

Enoko stared into your soul, her puppy ears shaking as she leaned her weight into yours. “Heh, didn't know you could be philosophical, Farmer boy.”

Your weeks in the Forest of Magic turned into months.

You were lazing off under the usual banyan tree of your shelter, standing and stretching off your back until, suddenly, something climbed at it. A delicate pair of hands covered your eyesight.

“Gueesss who~” She tittered. Her laughs infected your ears, shivering them with how close her canines were.

You acted innocent, as if the presence of metal near your neck hadn't told the obvious.

“Pathetic farmer, do YOU know who you are talking to? I am the leader of the Keiga Family’s surface team! I bet you didn't know how prestigious that title is, like the illiterate farmer you are!”

That sentence piqued your interest. “You… found a job?”

“More like… recruited temporarily, got enough time before duty work so…”

You decided that it was the proper time to do it. With nothing left to lose, you braced yourself for the worst possible outcome. “Enoko Mitsugashira, even though we've only known each other for months, I have felt something truly special between our connection. You have made my life a beautiful adventure, and I want to experience the rest of it with you.” You reached for her arms as you knelt before her. The soft skin of her palms enticed your heart. You pulled out a small box from your pocket and opened its contents, revealing the diamond ring in front of her view. “Will you let me, a regular farmer, take this very hand of yours in marriage?” It was a straightforward statement, but it was as honest as you could make it.

The yamainu stood still, words stuck in her throat. Pink hues tainted her cute, oval face.

“W-What?” She moved her head from side to side. “But, they won't approve a marriage between a youkai and a human!”

“They would, if I give them the money. Thank god my farm still holds its value.”

“…You sold your farm?”

“Nobody takes care of that land other than me, and my parents already gave me the permission. Though it required some debate over its ownership...”

“But, didn't you know that the land lacked ownership? You sold them knowing fully it's not yours!”

“I have considered selling it from the start. And that's irrelevant now…” You picked up the ring and put it on the sides of her palm, grasping the hand with much expectation. “So, will you?”

She looked to the sides, trying to hide the embarrassment in her face.

And she nodded.
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File 171268573172.jpg - (207.31KB, 577x750, awakening.jpg)
The image of your previous farm flashed before your very eyes, its land—barren and unfruitful—lacked proper management from its careless owner. Its owner, who had abandoned his responsibility, who had failed the expectation of his parents, had left it to be a desolate waste. You’ve come back to your senses, and were greeted with the sight of your wife laid under you. The wife, who was waiting down there with expectations, who was soon enough to be disappointed in the same way your parents had, looked you in the eyes and uttered,

“What's wrong…” She said your name. Her tone was of anguish, like a royal queen disappointed with her joker. “It's okay if you… I could just…” She was clearly disappointed, no matter how many times you tried to get your dick back up, it flailed in complete shame. There was nothing left for you…

Should you abandon your responsibility to your wife, like how you have abandoned your responsibility as a farmer?


Not yet.

You gritted your teeth, rage building upon your pathetic self. Adrenaline rushed through your veins as you kept bracing yourself up. Not yet, you couldn't lose yet.

You refused to lose.

You roared with all your might, calling upon the gods to bless you with power. Just one time, one more chance to prove yourself to your wife. Just this time, you prayed for the gods to let you defy nature itself, to bypass the refractory gap of a penis after ejaculating. Just this one time, you needed to make it right.

And the gods answered.

In the midst of your desperation, you felt a blessing sent right at you. Your body felt light, as if it had a newfound power within it. The muscles in your body suddenly contract. You had evolved into the peak form of the male species. The figure of your penis stood proudly in your pelvis, your divine justice.

Your iris burned with determination.

"Enoko, my wife." Your voice was stained with your struggles, breath raggedy from the aftermath of your evolution. "Not even the strongest of demons could make me let myself accept such a fate. There's one thing you should always remember." You stated with absolute certainty. "I will never forgive myself for disappointing you."

As your penis stood in pride, all veiny and hard, your wife looked at you with her love-shaped pupils. There lay an abnormality present in front of her eyes, an unstoppable force one could only hope to conquer.

Without any warning, you thrusted into her with full force, sending her into the flow state of enlightenment. Her hips trembled, back arching in ecstacy. Her eyes rolled to see the stars above her. You realized that you just talked her way to cum. You worried after her, thinking that the grand entrance of your dick in her womanhood might have been too much until she responded,

“Hhhhhoollyyy…” Her arms reached for your thorax, quivering in the attempt. “Wwwhhaat are youuu waitinggg forrr…”

You wasted no time to pleasure her, pistoning your glands into her vagina with no mercy. The wet folds of her rugae enveloped every side of your penis ever so tightly. Her clitoris flickered from your impactful thrusts, making her lose any will to dominate you. She has completely submitted herself to your reckless penetration. Your unstoppable force pierced through her (im)pregnable defense. The spirit from all the fallen spouses cried for your success, demanding you finish your job. Without any control of her body, she snaked her arms behind your back and scratched it with her claws. The bear traps had no choice but to follow her hands, snapping and shutting rapidly, perforating your shoulders. To you, it was a pride mark, and the presence of the painkillers in your blood had thankfully subsided the pain.

Soon enough, you arrived at the edge of your climax. You pulled your dick one last time before finally, with all the strength left in your body, you gave her your final thrust.

It was an unforgettable experience for the yamainu.

The halls of Eientei were a welcome sight for the yamainu.

“Your husband wasn't in a critical condition, thankfully. We expect him to be able to walk again after a week.” Eirin Yagakoro confronted the sitting Enoko, with a bag and an obvious sign of bafflement under her eyes.

“So… He's going to be fine,” Enoko clasped her hands together. “Right?”

“Granted, if this kind of accident didn't happen again…”

As if hearing the conversation, you walked out of your room, seeing your wife talking with the head doctor of Eientei. Your body was completely bandaged in the back. Your legs were all stitched up, forcing you to use canes to support your body. Enoko approached you the moment she had you in her vision. Her aura was of happiness and satisfaction.

After thanking the doctor, you two decided that it was best for you to go back home. Leaving the bamboo forest alone, you accidentally set your eyes on the village on your way back. You thought about how your parents might react when they see you in this state. Maybe they'll be proud, or perhaps they'll be angry. You decided that it's best to not bother them now.

Days passed after your bed incident, and you found yourself a job back in the village. You thought that you were doing chores that you deemed repetitive, but like any other day, you were fine with that.

As you opened the front door of your house, Enoko jumped and trapped you under her hug. She looked at you dreamily, and you understood immediately.

Tonight, you would fulfill your responsibilities as her husband.
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Reimu exhaled, tired beyond mere exhaustion.

“…Could you keep it down? You’ll bother the neighbors.”

“You don’t have any neighbors!” retorts an indignant, unsexed Marisa.

Reimu motions to the upside-down bowl adorning in the cupboard, residence of the wayward Inchling.

“She’s-” Marisa stumbled, turning for a good comeback “-a tenant!”

At that provocation the bowl pops up, its unseen owner answering,

“I am no mere renter! I, Shinmyoumaru, descendant of the Oni-slayer Issun-Boushi, earned this spot as a concession after bringing Gensokyo down to its knees! Dare you arouse my enormous ire, you puny-”

…The height jokes continued for a while.

Both of our heroines collectively decided to ignore the Inchling and resumed their conversation.

“So, why don’t you try talking to her about it? And not me.” Suggests Reimu.

“It’s just dolls this, dolls that! Or ‘can you see my nipples through this’ or ‘does Hourai look sexy in this underwear’! She never asks that about me!”

“Does she even like you?” Reimu spat back, her tone growing increasingly annoyed.

“Of course she does! She comes into my bed to hold me every night! She braids my hair! And uh… treats me like… Ah, crap.”


“…like I’m a doll.”

“The dollmaker. Treats you like a doll.

Sounds like a very reciprocal attraction.”

“Shut up.”

Marisa slid down, hiding beneath her hat. This cruel world has taken not just her crush’s libido, but her own dignity as well. Was there any hope left for the horny witch? Would she one day find true happiness, and a real orgasm at the hands of another?

Consumed by her growing loneliness, Marisa assumed the fetal position and began rocking back and forth to a very annoyed audience.

Reimu sighed deeply for the second time this evening. Everything, inevitably, became her problem. Incidents. Oni. Lunar invasions. Even droughts.

“Have you considered that she might be shy about these things? She makes dolls for a living, for goodness’ sake. And you’re rather-”


Marisa ceased her rocking for a moment, throwing a furtive glance at Reimu.

“…Yeah. So maybe try letting her take the lead. Instead of barging into her place and yelling about sex. Like you do around here.”

“Do you really think that would work?” A despondent Marisa meekly asks from beneath her hat-shelter.

“Of course, it definitely could work…” Reimu trailed off, thinking more about whether this would get rid of a much closer problematic magician. Couldn’t they all just let her drink and be lazy in peace?

“All right! I’m going to try again! This time she’ll eat my ass for sure!”

Reimu choked back her spit at the sudden thought. Analingus was many things to her, but a tasteful accompaniment to green tea was not one of them.

Her coughing fit had barely subsided before the black and white magician was charging out of the shrine, intent on conquest. She could barely squeak out a few whispers as both the witch and her hopes would disappear into the horizon as a black speck.

Alas, the offertory box would remain as unfilled as Marisa’s ass.
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It’s said that once a person has become a「Magician」they shed the needs common to humankind. Food, water… even breathing or companionship become discarded concepts. All that matters to them forevermore is that which drove them to this extreme.

Why, then, does this one still breath?

…And why is she breathing so heavily?

One might ponder these concepts if not for the shrapnel of wooden splinters and iron bits flying through the air like grapeshot. Of course, the brave legions of The Magician of Makai have prepared for this day. They rush to her defense bravely, oh so bravely… and intercept the projectiles with their faces.

Many brave dolls die on this day. Much like yesterday. And the day before that, coincidentally. And the day before that. Actually, pretty much just like every day for the last few months. Thankfully Rinnosuke was running a bulk fire sale on rustic doors last year, or else the budget would have been ruined a while ago.

ALICE!” boldly declares the intruder, “I have returned once again!”


The figure sitting facing away from her barely moved. That’s strange, Marisa thought – she was sure she yelled loud enough for a greeting. She couldn’t really make out what Alice was doing, but it was definitely her. Or some other blonde magician who had tastefully arranged a bunch of doll-wearing mannequins and full-size mirrors in Alice’s living room, for some reason. No, that’s pretty normal for Alice... Though normally the mirrors were less shrapnel-ridden.

With a flick of the wrist, shimmers of golden thread reflected through the hazy battlefield. Figures rose from their resting places. From the cupboards, from the rafters, even those of the fallen.

Together, they are the Legions of Makai! The shield of their creator! A veritable wall! Or a privacy curtain, as it were.

They collectively shuffle back and forth in the air to shield Alice as she awkwardly stands and hops around for a moment.

“Kirisame.” She says, waving the unharmed dolls back to their resting places, and the casualties to an evergrowing pile of repairs-to-do. The metaphorical waters parted, revealing the puppeteer appraising two dresses in front of her, although the total amount of clothing for both combined would barely be sufficient for one person’s modesty.

“I thought we were on a first-name basis!” bawled Marisa, mentally rolling back her sexing achievements list all the way back to step zero. Another devastating loss of one achievement, this one would surely batter her self-esteem.

“You blew up my door. Again.”

“You have like a billion of them!”

“Down to just sixty-two now!” happily chirped a pile of doors stacked in the corner. Beneath them lay Shanghai, larger than the others and thus perfectly suited to protect the floor from being scratched by them. It was just a happy coincidence that her resting place was also outside of the usual line-of-fire.

“You want some of this? Adults are talking here!”

Marisa threateningly waved her mini-Hakkero at the pile of doors, though it was hard to tell if the doors felt threatened. Doors are not very good at expressing emotions.

“The pain within me is beyond anything your soul can make. You cannot kill me in any way that matters~”

“Ahem.” Alice interrupted, continuing “Why have you returned? I thought I made it quite clear that there are no worthy treasures here.”

“Ah! That’s right, I, uh…”

Marisa’s mind reeled, replaying her conversation with Reimu.

“Yep. Okay. Yeah. Mhm.” She muttered, remembering each moment in turn, the many twists, and turns, and barrel rolls. The events of ten minutes ago unfurled like toilet paper in a public restroom. Poorly, and in the wrong direction.

“…Did you need me?” The homeowner finally proffered, legs still weak.

With one mighty breath and a shout, Marisa finally put her thoughts into words. Unfortunately for Marisa, her thoughts were as empty as her heart…

“Alice, what do you want to do with me?!”

“Nothing that you want me to do to you.” Came the instant reply.

“Yeah?! I’ll do it! Just tell me!”

Is that so.” Alice coldly replied, eyes narrowing.

“Y-Yeah! Go ahead! Whatever you want!”


“W-Wow, didn’t know you were into this! Ha! Ha! Ha…”

Marisa laughed, increasingly nervous. The ropes were one thing, but she was not expecting the blindfold. Of course, it was hard to say no once she was hanging upside down in the damp basement.

“S-S-So, what do you want to do first? My legs are kind of cramped already, but uh, we could scissor! Not sure how like this, but we can try! Oh, or we can do the Spiderman kiss! Yeah! Or uh, whatever you want? What do you want, Alice?”

“…Uh, Alice?”

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“Shes left me theres for three days and SEX nights! It wus horrible!” cried out a hoarse voice, echoing through the Hakurei shrine.

This only caused even more raucous laughter, accompanied by even louder slaps as the sobbing continued.

Reimu tensed up from where she had been investigating a mysterious case of Oni-stuck-in-tree. Aunn also dropped the stick she had been using to poke the comatose Suika.

“This must be…” they both said, turning to each other. Their eyes flashed, their gazes met, their mouths opened. Now at long last, her apprentice’s training finished, they had reached full synchronization.

“An inciden-!”
“A drinking pa-!”

“What’s a drinking pa-”

I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Reimu hurriedly cut her off, grabbing her shoulders and turning her away from the increasingly debauched sounds coming from further in the shrine. “Now be good, and go uh… go tell Kosuzu that I’ll bring those books back.”

“But I thought you said you weren’t going to stand for her ripoff pric-”

“Go, young lady! No questions!” With a little shove, she pushed Aunn towards the forest. The little komainu awkwardly shuffled, understanding that was the wrong direction. After a few more moments of confusion Reimu quickly dispensed of her in the correct direction – towards the village. And hopefully far enough away that it would take her a while to get back…

With the only witness rapidly disappearing into the distance, Reimu picked up the poking stick where Aunn had dropped it, and began to beat the hell out of the Oni piñata.

“Suika, you useless loiterer! You better have been drinking with the townsfolk again, and not your Oni pals!”

…Though anyone that could drink this free-spirited Oni under a table was surely an Oni themselves, or worse. Well, as long as it’s not Yuugi!

It was Yuugi.

The first question that came to Reimu’s mind was not how Yuugi had escaped from Hell. Nor was it why Yuugi was one-handed bench-pressing Marisa like a set of weights (obviously, there had already been quite a lot of drinking).

No. Her first question was why Marisa was donning… fetish wear? That blue dress was about ten sizes too small, and ‘skirt’ would be a misnomer… Is this what Marisa was reduced to?!

Even for Reimu’s callous heart, it churned her up inside. “At least do it in private, you filthy animals. Don’t involve the rest of us in your strange fetishes!” she raged in her mind, but did not say out loud. That Oni could probably suplex a mountain onto the shrine if she said the wrong thing…

“Wus stuck without muh -hic- clothes ‘till I could beat up a bunch of kids!”

…Ah, that certainly would explain the reports of naked fairies from the other day.

“Oh yeah, did you toss ‘em around like this?!” Yuugi exhorted, swinging Marisa around by one leg.

“Yuugi.” Reimu greeted under her breath, keeping well out of Marisa-borne projectile vomit range.

“’ey, miko! Come an’ drink! We’re doing stories!”

Evidently it was a bad idea to interrupt, for the moment the Oni’s attention shifted there was nothing to hold Marisa to this sexless earth. Gravity is no impediment to Yuugi’s arm strength…

“Oops” she mused, drinking from her cup and simultaneously using it as a shield from the sun, a skill only acquirable by true drinkers. Marisa sure was going higher… and higher… and higher…

Reimu just put her head in her hands and breathed deeply. There was only one card she could play.

The threat of hideous, overwhelming, disproportionate violence.

“Yuugi… if a falling magician breaks one of my roofs -again- I will personally cleanse the blazing hells of every one of its inhabitants: living, dead, or spirit.”

“Wow that’s… kind of mean. Wanna drink?”

“Yuugi!!” screamed the shrine maiden, pointing at the black dot that was rapidly getting larger – and closer.

With a huff, the Oni shifted her weight, barely tapping the ground with one of her sandals. In a moment the earth shook, torii split, jars of sake bounced around like ping pong balls, and the entire shrine shifted a few meters.

Reimu could only gasp as a black and white blur impacted the ritual sake at high speed with a deafening splash. The shrine buildings had been saved… but at what cost?

Yuugi grunted, also displeased. “Damn, drinking threw off m’aim. Need some more sake before I can make that shot.”

Then where was she supposed to land?! No, don’t ask that, Reimu!

Yuugi strode over to the sake jar with legs sticking out of it and unceremoniously pulled the upside-down soaking wet Marisa out of it. If she wasn’t drunk before, she sure was now, babbling about her own misery and stumbling about,

“-can’t fall any further, not gonna go down on her she not gonna go down on me...”

“Whassat? You want her to go down on you? You go down on her first?”

“...Yuugi, please don’t teach my parishioners to ignore consent.”

“Who doesn’t want a good fuck?”

“There are so many things wrong with that statement I can’t even…”

The bickering continued for hours, broken only by the sobbing of a returning pet pointing to the giant split torii… which Yuugi would spend the next few months apologizing for (on threat of extermination). The sacred sake would be replaced after a complex Oni-Rabbit-Human village triangular agreement (Tewi would skim 30% off the top). Maps had to be redrawn as the shrine had shifted just enough to make everything inaccurate. The resulting commercial activity from the combined cartographical-booze trade brought never before seen fortunes to the Hakurei shrine, turning this would-be incident into an unbelievable boon. Soon enough it was water under the bridge, and Reimu couldn’t help but smile while thinking about it. But she couldn’t help but feel there was something she was forgetting… Still, life was peaceful! If she forgot about something, it must not have been important.

Coincidentally, Marisa had wandered away during the argument and was never heard from again.

Another peaceful day in Gensokyo.
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File 171273768475.png - (3.64MB, 1131x1701, POV_you_are_wearing_alices_outfit.png)
Alice gazed into the depths of her mirrors, countless beautiful golden eyes staring back. Ah, those beautiful, beautiful golden eyes. Today again she had chosen to wear a special dress, the one with the low crop top and open bottom. Now there was nobody to interrupt her, ever again…

She stared into their eyes, tongue meeting tongue as her ministrations quickened. Oh how she wished to touch, to feel, to explore every inch of her body. With pain, with pleasure, and every sensation in between. Her hips began to buck even as she could see one of her floating dolls faintly flailing in the background. Whatever trivial matter they were freaking out about, it was much less important than the maiden in front of her. Ah, so close…

“Woah, sex-… sexy? Sexed?” came slurred words from beside her, oblivious to her compromising position.

“Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder-san, please get these doors off me, I did nothing to deserve this neglect!”

Alice turned around in horror, the worst fear of her life finally coming true. She had been caught red-handed at the height of pleasure, dressed as she was there was no doubt. And her executioner was no less than…

…herself? Yes, her old clothes, and so tight that they bared midriff and showed off her nipples! But it was her! Golden blonde hair, her own outfit! Just as she always dreamed of! (Her dreams had left out the discarded blue cloth and reeking stench of alcohol, though she was far too aroused to even notice.)

“After ten thousand years I am FREE! It is time to conquer Gensokyo!” screeched a blur of nudity through the air as doors and mirrors collapsed all around them, leaving only the confused half-undressed Alice on her knees and the newcomer Alice.

Undeterred, Alice pointed at Alice and swayed unsteadily, getting out a few brief words, “Alish! You… uh… I sex! You! Sex! That means…. You sex!”

The sight of Alice was all the invitation that Alice needed. Alice’s bottom slowly rose, tenting at the thought… and then just kept going, and going, and going. The cloth could not keep up, and her engorged member spilled out and just kept going, and going, and going… stopping only once it was as wide as a traffic cone and just about as ugly.

「切り裂く槍」… the spear that can cleave anything in two.

They still had lots of sex afterward.

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File 171347489212.jpg - (888.48KB, 2000x2000, 00106-3453811384.jpg)
“Well, Yuuji? Ready for round sixteen?”
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File 171347499515.jpg - (518.89KB, 1600x2000, 00154-2336215670.jpg)
“How many times? Don't lie to me, boy.”
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File 17134751473.jpg - (582.39KB, 1600x2000, 00088-87630610.jpg)
“I’m not the one insane here, you are.”
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This is the prize entry for the winner, as outlined here: >>/gensokyo/17263

Tsukasa had screwed up.

The autumnal rain mizzled on all around. If it’d pattered like a proper rain ought to, it would’ve been a different conversation. Instead, it was the thin, clammy sort of drizzle that soaked your tail in seconds, even if you’d only stepped out long enough for a quick leak. Tsukasa stuffed hers back down the leg of her outsized samue trousers with suitably dampened enthusiasm. Walls and ceilings and indoors in general had never seemed such an instant salvation for a fox as now.

The Wicked White Fox, Tsukasa Kudamaki, tumbled down to a sit back at her table like so many cold, sodden bones in a fancy white sack. The pewter tankard of warmed wine she’d left unchaperoned hadn’t acquired new ownership in her absence, and Tsukasa wrapped her hands around its heat with as much relief as wrung out.

Not for that it hadn’t wandered off; she’d dallied days now in the Moriyan ropeway’s station and its dinghy hostelry – and hadn’t seen more than half a handful of human pilgrims since the skies over the Youkai Mountain had gone seasonal. The Kappa, who couldn’t resist the clanking call of coin and machinery, shifted in and out like the hob-nob-goblins they were, but facts were the fox had had this little inn and its barroom largely to her compact self. The bar being even now unattended – for causes Tsukasa needed not guess nor wished entertained till her fingers weren’t crackling like icicles. She slumped, face-down, on the table.

Her mouth quirked.

… An inn. On the slopes of the Youkai Mountain. A fairy’s toss away from the Tengu territory’s outlands. It beggared, if not belief, then at the very least decency.

Still. And all. It was thanks to it that she was able to lay low this close to home. The Human Village was a seething pot of wretches and tattle-tales; the deaders’ road and the shore of Sanzu smacked just a tad too karmic; and, as for the Hakurei shrine, its monetarily pliable staff aside, it was far too frequented a place for a fumbler fox to go underground. While the literal underground was a literal death sentence.

So, Tsukasa had fled here. This inn. This stopover on the Moriya gods’ pilgrim’s way, with its spattering of sparkling new buildings nobody would quite tell where they’d sprung from and more human attention than was surely healthy – for them. Health, however, was a quaternary concern in human and Kappa business both; thus, the station had turned over the recent years into something of an informal exchange: scruple-less humans politely ignoring the Kappas’ vertical challenges as they traded goods for money and engineering, while the latter vended to the scruple-burdened ones travailing up the mountain. Some – less, Tsukasa’s slants weighed in, far-seeing ones – were taking to calling the place Asa-den for the hemp field that’d marked the surprisingly arable soil of the mountain as tamed; others yet had protested for Ama-den, “heavenly field,” for the Moriyan goddesses’ honour or, more verifiably, ego.

Tsukasa agreed, if with nothing else, then with one of the names anyway – for privately vindicating, linguistic reasons.

In any case and an event for sure, the burgeoning outpost straddled now the line which even the longest-nosed Crow Tengu were loath to land on: smack between the avarice down low and their towering pride overhead. The outcome was that most spoke as though the place didn’t exist, which goes to show they had the art of complaining about nothing down pat.

As for a fumbler fox, it was the perfect, harmonious little hidey-hole to stick her head down, consensually. The Kappa tiptoed around her for fear of their guest turning out to be some important human poised to snatch at the first offence on the washing line – whereas the occasional humans did much the same for much the same reason, except assuming bowstringed youkaihood, which really told you lots about Gensokyo’s microcosm. It did mean she had to dress the part: keep her well-groomed, pretty, white-tipped ears flattened under rather an out-of-date straw kasa – as well as start each day as males around the world did by deciding which trouser-leg her proud, outcropping part would go down that morning, but – it was a small discomfort to bear for tacit anonymity. The first she’d donned her disguise, she’d tried tucking the tail up the back of her samue’s top. The itch had nearly killed someone, least of all her.

Tsukasa elbowed up from a half-sit to an arduous four-fifths.

“Ugh. Isn’t that some poop, Tecchi?” she asked aloud.
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File 171554914420.jpg - (614.73KB, 1600x2000, 00232-3982022812.jpg)
The fox-head, formed of the cold fingers of her right hand, tipped its pinky-ear in mute mockery. Tsukasa wrinkled her nose and relegated it to tankard duty. She drew of the blessedly hot drink for a blissful bit and then wiped her wine-reddened lips on a wrist. They were something else, these Kappa tankards: heavy as all, lidded, able to keep the contents hearty and warm for even longer than the half-hour it sometimes took the barwoman to tear herself away from puttering in the storeroom when you rang the bell. A third of that had passed since Tsukasa had espied the pudgy, freckle-speckled Kappa chaperone in a porter from the Human Village. Third time in so many days that had happened. That storeroom was seeing some throughput.

… Tsukasa checked her fingers. Nope. Not yet. She spat a stray clove from the wine, clacked the lid shut and then hugged the tankard with both hands. A minute cut out for introspection punched itself out of the rest of the day.

Introspection hadn’t changed its mind since the last visit.

It wasn’t her fault. Not really-really. The land ownership kerfuffle had been meant a simple in-and-out: divert here, prevaricate there, snap all three dozing beasts’ tethers at once so they tore one another to shreds while the fox swooped on down to scoop up the spoils in the name of those who held her own leash – sans a commission nobody had to hear a peep about. So simple, Tsukasa hadn’t whispered a word of it to Megumu – Iizunamaru, Master Iizunamaru; best to stay in habit – and had taken the initiative unbidden. She’d inveigled the Kiketsu goon, nearly duped the matriarch of Keiga, even gotten an in with that damn Zanmu. And then—

Tsukasa rattled the tankard’s lid.

… And then, that damn Zanmu – that human in Oni skin! – had snatched all the strings she’d been pulling from Tsukasa’s hand. The fox’s subtle ways had rolled over to the Oni queen’s bullish schemes. The three-way war where the bystander won all had been twisted into a sweeping triumph for status quo. And the victory, with which Tsukasa would’ve bought her Master’s retroactive lenience, had decocted into rashness, rabble rousing and an aborted assassination of Gensokyo’s one-red-white-soul-you-really-didn’t-want-thinking-your-subordinate-tried-to-assassinate-her.

Tsukasa winced.

In brief and debrief, she’d screwed up. And that, there, was why she was lying low. In this mountainside nest of river monkeys and human-mongers. Away from her tube fox underlings who, lacking the long-term thinking capacity accorded by power and bipedal form, would’ve humaned Tsukasa out to her Master in a shake of the tail. Away from her Master who, and here optimism lay as thick as the mud outside, may yet be convinced that her fox’s absence-without-leave had nothing to do with the conflict the Tengu had lost before even finding out they’d partaken. What it should have to do with for a plausible alibi… Tsukasa hadn’t thus far worked out.

Nevertheless. There was time. Aplenty. The more of it, in fact, she squeezed in between the end of the land ownership war and her own inglorious return, the better her chances of persuading Master Iizunamaru of the two’s wholehearted unrelatedness. Time was no issue. She had a lot to spare.

Of course, the trouble with spare time is that it makes a fox go likewise.

“… I’m going to do the thing, Tecchi,” Tsukasa crooned. “So warm up already, why don’t you~?”

… As was being demonstrated.

The Wicked White Fox leaned out of the cosy, tucked-away corner table she was – and had been, for the worse part of a week – occupying on the ground floor of the tacky Kappa inn. A wary peek round the desolate bar, and the fox tipped her hat askew to steeple an ear at the nearby egress and the storeroom door wherethrough the Kappa barwoman and the human porter had evanesced near on a quarter-hour before. She hadn’t to strain whatsoever to pick up what she’d wanted – and equally expected – to hear; the beautifully keen tube fox-ear might pick a treble of doubt out of the fiercest war-cry.

A pudgy Kappa crying out a breathless falsetto was a waste of Tsukasa’s talents.

The fox replaced her concealing hat and sat back, satisfied that she’d been right. Third time in as many days. The Ama-den was ripening into her take on its name. A den of whores. And there presently was one, perusing a customer at volume not twenty-five paces from where Tsukasa was slowly losing her mind. Her fingers flexed.

It hadn’t even been any long arrangement; Tsukasa had eavesdropped on its toddling steps when she’d first witnessed the human porter cart a delivery of fabric bales up the mountain road. As now, so then had the dumpy Kappa proprietress marshalled the man into the early morning-lit storeroom – outwardly to talk shop. Just not the shop two out of the three privy parties – including Tsukasa, bored out of half her wits and listening in – had envisioned.

“Your cucumber, man,” the Kappa could be heard demanding. “Your schlong, I mean! Moron! I want to borrow it.”

It’d glued the fox’s eye to the keyhole in two heartbeats flat.

“I’ll be blunt,” the tubby Kappa had gone on, all no-nonsense hands-on-hippity and brusque I-keep-a-cudgel-under-the-counter-so-don’t-try-to-run-ness. “My friends up the ravine are in need of a model for a… toy of the naughty variety. Your kind’s choice among our clientele. Always been. For some reason. Stop gawping, man! I’ll be needing only your measurements, not the thing itself. You’ll be paid handsomely and, I shouldn’t wonder, enjoy the process.”

To which the porter had responded with apposite splutter. The Kappa wouldn’t take “Wuh-wuh-what?!” for an answer; over the coolly matter-of-fact minute, she would explain “the process” to entail using specialised, sensitive areas of her body to study his shape, which would be later re-sculped for her colleagues from the minutiae-minded Kappa memory.

“Which… Which areas?” the human had croaked like a Crow being offered a dubitably merited promotion.

The Kappa had shown him which. Her underthings were turquoise blue and complemented her ankles very well.

The man had swallowed. “Here? Now?”

The Kappa had nodded. “Here. Now.”

What had then gone on to pass hadn’t looked much to Tsukasa like “a process.” What it had looked a lot like was the man awkwardly doffing his bottoms and mounting the indicated table, whereupon his lap had been mounted by the doughy Kappa in turn.

And, against her long dislike of Kappa, against her longer disdain of humans, Tsukasa’s belly had gone bow-taut at the bodily tableau beyond the door. Heedless of the discrepancy in species, the human’s penis – that strange, arrow-headed log of creamy flesh – had already stood agog as the Kappa had heaved her hefty rear over its upright length. A pair of stubby fingers more suited to the kitchen than the workshop had slid down between her thighs, one on each side of her plump womanhood. With a few frantic circles, chased by slow deliberation, they had spread her open for the looming human tool.

Up till that jolly moment in her life, Tsukasa hadn’t ever seen a Kappa’s privates in the nude, let alone stretched to an obscene gape. The fat, female specimen before her had tugged hers even wider to match the broad, bared glans of the human’s penis. The inner walls of the aquatic youkai’s womanhood had been teal-blue, like a murky lake at sunrise, and glistened wetly in the pale, morning light. Worse yet – although opinions on this would fast divide – minuscule feelers, tentacles or something to the effect had hung, writhing, from the exposed vaginal lining. A thoroughly alien thing – more so, even, than the skin-veiled human one present – and so blatantly, luridly meant to enhance mating that Tsukasa’s own throat had flashed dry at the sight.

The human had fared scarce better, coughing his stupefaction; below, however, his cock had throbbed its patent fervour. “Is—Is that safe?” he’d choked out.

The tubby Kappa had brought her opening down into touch. The feelers had clumped against the tip of his cock, tantalising. “See for yourself,” she’d teased, “sworn friend.”

And this he had. Hands like spades grappling the youkai’s posterior, his shaft an unbendable slide rule, he’d guided her teal-lipped crotch for an interspecies rendezvous with his own. Her bluster had broken as more and more of the human’s rigid pole had vanished up her marine Kappa hole. They’d been panting, breathing explosively all over each other’s faces by the time he’d bottomed her colourful birthing canal out and her muff had come to a ponderous rest atop his testicles. The human’s knees had trembled.

“Ooh. Haa. Oh my,” the Kappa had marvelled, gasping. “Oh, you’re going to sell such a lot~.” Then, she’d swept the mussed hair from her brow. “Try, mm, to last until I’ve got your measure. Hmm?”

“… I will,” he’d promised.

A promise reneged on no sooner than half a minute of plugging the feeler-filled Kappa-cunt with his ill-prepared human cock. With an impotent grunt, he had come.

“Oh, you weak—!” the Kappa had spat, followed by a flight of frustrated expletives.

Still, she’d brought her hips down on the premature man, dropping her pussy all the way down his cumming cock. His legs had kicked out as the forced insemination had commenced.

Tsukasa had watched in horrified, disgusted relish how the human’s lower body had twitched, muscles contracting, testicles drawing with every dragged-out jet of sperm leaving to saturate the fat Kappa’s womb. He’d ejaculated for longer than they’d fucked, buried to the throbbing hilt throughout and beyond. He’d wheezed an apology, spent – yet, the Kappa had merely ground their mismatched bodies together till she’d felt him primed anew.
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File 171554997299.jpg - (394.19KB, 1600x2000, 00212-1343629334.jpg)
It’d been as she’d repositioned herself for another round of intimate mensuration – the penis evacuating her seeded depths, its girth pulling errant tentacles out after itself – that Tsukasa had realised she’d been straddling her own forearm, squeezing it in a snug triangle of thighs and groin, as she’d knelt before the door. The trousers of her samue had held fast and dry, but similar couldn’t be said of the fundoshi underneath. The fox had sworn, yanked both to half-thigh and stuck her eye once more to the keyhole and the ghastly spectacle on the other side.

The Kappa had climaxed next, shuddering against in the man in a loud, fat-jiggling orgasm. Then the man again. Then the three of them in concert: Tsukasa’s labia vising her knuckles while the two in the storeroom had fought each other’s and their own bodies for one more moment of ecstasy. And one more. And one more still.

Whether the Kappa barwoman had known the porter would return the very next morning – or had arranged for it after Tsukasa had hauled up her trousers and cleared the vicinity of suspicion – that was regardless what he’d done. Tsukasa had missed their trysting, sleeping in late in her room upstairs; only once she’d come down with a hunger and passed by the pair counting money at the bar had she realised they’d reeked of more sweaty, interspecies sex. The stink had driven the fox back to her room, where she’d debauched various parts of the furniture till the only stink in her head had been hers.

That was the trouble. With time. With distance. Tsukasa had left her home-tube, her anchor to Master Iizunamaru, with her Master in Her domesne. The fount of her power. Something without which she surely couldn’t have competed in the land ownership war; something that hadn’t mysteriously disappeared from nor been later returned in secret to Master Iizunamaru’s treasury. No, ma’am!

… Something away from which the Wicked White Fox was hair by hair reverting into herself. A dumb, short-sighted, power-starved tube fox who’d bind herself to a Great Tengu for the allure of a stable upright form while still in her first century.

A fox who, evidently, had been neglecting more than the instinct to fiddle with people. Not that she wasn’t backed up on that front as well; the worst “prank” she’d pulled in days had been widdling on a corner of the building where the whitewash had already been peeling off. There was nothing for that; she couldn’t lay it on too thick, lest her kind hosts suspect a fox in their midst. Same held for the other thing, too. Sort of. She for sure couldn’t go sneaking male foxes up to her room. Substitutes had to do.

The one tenanting the end of her wrist was a taciturn lover, and quite lazy – but, when among humans and Kappa…

“Warm up already~,” she cooed murder at her stubbornly cool fingers.

Ten minutes she’d passed up of her happenstance cross-species entertainment, all to ensure the inn was empty and that she wouldn’t pee all over her hand when she finished. Tsukasa rubbed her thighs together. Whatever could the human and the Kappa have gotten up to, now the measure-taking pretext must’ve worn lie-thin? Were it Tsukasa, she fancied, she would’ve lifted her tail and let him to take her in fox-fashion. Fooled him and her own body both that breeding was on the table. Maybe literally. Maybe in this barroom, even, so that any accidental audience may be made envious that he’d claimed such a cute and slick-furred fox’s baby-room for his offspring.

Tsukasa shivered. She pulled on the band on her trousers. The musky fug of a fox in heat was stupefying. The fabric of the fundoshi was slimy all the way through. Could be wrung for emergency lube, a thrifty thought put forward.

The Wicked White Fox licked her kinked lips. This was unprecedented. She hadn’t felt this utterly randy since… hold that, ever. She was a young fox, a tube fox; she was supposed to have a strong drive. Why hadn’t she—

Oh. Oh, right. Iizunamaru.

That sprayed some water on the snout of her mood.

Still less than splashed on the welcome mat when the inn’s front door banged suddenly open.

Tsukasa yipped. The trousers’ band snapped flush on her aroused belly. She muffled the thoughtless moan in Tecchi’s underside, pressing herself into the nook between the wall and her table’s bench. Where was a tube when she could’ve used—


Anyway, currenter concerns. Whoever it was who’d startled Tsukasa half to Hell (a distance she was well aware of) was plodding straight for where the fox was huddled. Found out, then. Well, it’d been to be predicted. Tsukasa’s eyes darted to and fro, muzzy from the wine and whiplash, but there was nowhere to burrow in either direction. The nearby window would’ve gotten in an altercation with even her hips. The lonely corner she’d come to treat as a crony had turned a… a corner, like as like, and trapped her with no way out.

Typical. Too late to bolt, in any case. There was but the tube fox’s resort left. Which was to say, lying, tergiversating, a cheerful smile and a wilful, wilful ignorance.

One of those curled up and died no sooner than the door-banger had attained her table. She smelt him before she saw him. The dull tang of damp wolf-fur. Not a Kappa after whitewash-related explanations, then. An Inari-damned White Wolf Tengu.
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File 171555012425.jpg - (481.66KB, 2000x1600, 00241-1829039045.jpg)
She felt it when a crimson-clawed fist smashed into the tabletop, rattling her drink, her teeth and her ignorance. The Wolf Tengu stooped to peer into the shadow beneath the brim of her kasa, fury writ upon his brow in syllable-efficient wrinkles. There was no flash of recognition. There was the continual burn of seething knowledge.

“Not. A. Word. From you, vixen,” the Wolf Tengu rumbled, dripping rainwater and peril.

Almost an afterthought, he ripped the sabre from the sheath on his belt and drove the blade, point-down, into Tsukasa’s table, sinking good (or, from Tsukasa’s point of view, bad) four inches of youkai-steel into the solid wood. The sword thrummed as he left it stuck there and, calmly as he might, moved on to claim a seat across from the stunned tube fox. Which wasn’t very.

Tsukasa willed down the knot of fear and took stock of the situation as the Wolf Tengu unceremoniously reached for her tankard. He stole a draught, grimaced up a storm to shame the weather outside – and then, livid still, took three more. He was drenched; the whites and reds of the orthodox Wolf Tengu garb clung to his muscle-rippled skin where soaked through. A sword-artist’s warmers on his arms. Short-haired, even so; it’d been the fox’s socks (so to say) among the Wolves to wear their hair in long, flowing ponytails in recency. Something about the spectacle of it when swinging their toothpicks around. A young rebel, then? He didn’t look to have more than a century on his back, but you could never tell with Wolf Tengu. They hadn’t the integrity to show it.

He was nevertheless a sight. Seemed as though he’d not have a problem holding down a hapless human. Or a tube fox. His hips were almost twice the breadth of hers, good heavens. She could ride on his lap and nobody’d even see her from the back.

Tsukasa blinked away that last insight. Where had that crawled out of? Oh. Her condemned underthings. That was where. How had she forgotten?

The Wolf mistook her frown for confusion. He glowered on. “… No idea who I am, have you?” he growled. “Not an inkling.”

“No,” Tsukasa erred on the side of truth. Then, from the opposite, added, “Sir.”

The Wolf shook his big-eared head. “‘Course not,” he jeered. “Just how it goes. Got me running ragged all around Gensokyo on a fox chase in this pisser of a season, and the fox’s just kicking back at the doorstep and none the wiser. With a mug of fruit juice gone bad to boot.” He took another swig from the tankard. Scowled. Spat a clove. “With flowers in,” he said, aghast. “These Kappa try to feed you mud pies, too?”

Tsukasa smiled. Huh. He knew. “Sir still hasn’t told me who Sir is,” she reminded in her best servile tenor.

The Wolf met her stare. Some of the wet-dog outrage sloughed off his posture. “… Outriders,” he identified himself, stiff from usance, “eleventh leg. Tracker Yuuzou.”

“Tracker…?” Tsukasa pretended puzzlement. Not at the idiosyncratic rankings of the Tengu; that was well enough a puzzle left alone. “… Ah.”

The Wolf, Yuuzou, bit the conversational bit. “Yes. Ah. On orders from on-high to nose out a certain vagrant fox. Your Master misses your counsel keenly, vixen,” he said, with trace amounts of sympathy and a large content of scorn. “Imagine that. Had me running from here to Muenzuka with my tongue lollin’, looking for you. Come Hell or high water.”

“Which came,” noted Tsukasa, eyeing his waterlogged vest.

Yuuzou conceded a preoccupied sneer.

Tsukasa propped her chin on her hands. “How did you manage to find me? Uh, Sir?”

The Wolf quit playing with the tankard’s lid. His wiry arms were folded across the slab of his chest. The effect (on Tsukasa, in the main) was spoiled just a mite by the soggy sounds of wrung cloth. Just.

“… That’s the snarl in my tail, there,” he admitted, teeth bared. “I didn’t. Handed in my report yesterday evening. No sign, not a hair of you anyplace. This was my punitive. And lo, here you were. Knocking back a mug of rotten fruit piss, not a care in the world.”

“That doesn’t really tell me—”

“Matters not a whit,” the Wolf cut in. “Piss under the bridge.”

“Indulge me,” Tsukasa pled sweetly. All my other plans just went tits-up, she hissed inside, so you’d better!

He cranked out a sigh, the crinkled corners of his standard-issue, crimson Wolf-eyes smoothing out a touch. “… Very well, fine,” he humoured the request. “The search was off, right? So, I went to rack out. Woke up at o’ silly to new orders. The brief is, there’s been this human trundling a loaded cart up to this here… settlement, on and off; last three days, though, been through every day. Someone up top’s gotten unhealthy curious. Sorry, did I say curious? Nervous. Anywise, scouts on the road’d spotted ‘em this morning. So. Off goes the tracker.

“Well, I trailed the sod and alit here,” Yuuzou carried on, “and some’n prickles my nose right off the bat. So I skulk around, ask me some of those Kappa. Sure, they smell it too, say they; been that way days, say they. Anything downright odd, I ask? Things missin’, people keeling over as if drunk at midday, sort of thing? Say they, no, but there’s this wee wily lady been lodging in the inn a week now, doin’ nothin’ but drinking at midday. Odd, huh? Thought: well, all that swill has to go somewhere in the end… right?”

He snickered, as though that was the grand mystery solved. Tsukasa stared. At his ears firstly, which had flitted through half a dozen emotional configurations as he’d spoken. Next – at the bottom of her tankard as he tilted it back, the dregs of the wine flushing down his scrubby throat.

And then, altogether late, the shamisen-string of realisation was strummed. Tsukasa squirmed – laughed, both inwardly – while the pieces of the situation dovetailed together in her mind. The turns of phrase straightened out.

Hoisted by her own bladder. Oh, the beasthood.

… Over the rain, though? Tsukasa glanced past the window at the grey misery shut out outside. The rain had stopped. Must have in the minutes between her answering the traitorous call of nature and herding her needlessly mizzled-on behind back indoors. Just her luck.

His, too. The poor doggy. The poor, handsome, wet-eared doggy.

Out of principle, or out of none, Tsukasa voiced the wrong conclusion: “Those Kappa sold me out, did they? So… foreseeable.

Yuuzou gave the slow, weightless shrug of one who has unravelled this particular conundrum many yoinks ago and hasn’t seen fit to revise it against the changeability of time. “Monkey hate fox,” he said, gnomically.

Mutually. “Monkey hate wolf, too,” Tsukasa reminded, by way of not too much.

The White Wolf joggled his broad, bare shoulders once more. “That’s how this’s a punishment by any other name. None of all of us decent Wolves want squat to do with the humans. Or the Kappa. Or this mudhole. Asa-den; my Ass-den.”

The Wicked White Fox smiled candidly – despite the ongoing charade – and wondered, “Always get these poop details, do you?”

He wiped his red-clawed hand across his mouth, bitter. “Only,” he sniffed, “when I’m the third brother in a row to disaffect our Great Tengu. The albatross of bein’ the youngest, I reckon. Never mind I didn’t technically do no wrong, or—”

“They’re fucking.”

The Wolf’s ears flicked as though blown over. “Who, what?!

Tsukasa’s benign smile branched out to her cheeks. “The human you were tailing and one of the Kappa here,” she explained, cheerily. “They’re fucking. Hence why he’s been coming – aha – each day. He’s ploughing the Kappa – the fat one operating this inn.”

“… You’re taking the widdle!” huffed Yuuzou, incredulous.

Tsukasa actually laughed out loud. Oops. “No! Go take a look-see in the storeroom if you don’t believe. Over yonder, last door out in the hall. He’s gouging her clam as we speak. Monkey love monkey, so it appears. Oldest story, huh.”

The White Wolf Tengu spluttered.

Then, as abruptly, he fell whipped-dog-silent, glaring at the sword embedded in the table.

“… Whatever are you thinking with all that muscle?” wheedled Tsukasa.

The Wolf ground out a sound as harsh as pumice. “… Thinking,” he contravened her, “about what on Tenma’s feathered tits I am going to write on the report.”

“About cute little me?”

He snorted. “No,” he said, frankly. Too frankly, frankly. “This monkey business. Albeit, now you’ve brought it up,” he consented, “we would’ve had to got down to those tacks soon or late.” He affixed her on the end of a surprisingly pointed stare. “Say. You are our Great Tengu’s pet,” he supposed. “What’d esteemed Iizunamaru, strong-be-her-feathers, be satisfied to hear?”

The Great Tengu’s pet – the Great Tengu’s pet! – was glad of her tail and ears being tucked out of sight. She smiled beatifically. “Something easily forgiven?” she suggested.

“And what would she easily forgive you?”

Much. “Not a lot,” said Tsukasa. “I am Her prized advisor, so any absence is an irresponsibility. However. Iizunamaru— my exalted Master Iizunamaru, is cruel not. She understands the fox’s plights. Were I to have taken my leave because of something I couldn’t hardly help… Something inbuilt, instinctual…”

The insinuation hung between them on an invisible thread.

… But they were both canines, not cats.

“… Such as?” prompted Yuuzou.

Tsukasa strangled a moan. “I am a tube fox!” she reminded those with more brawn than brain. “We’re an elemental lot – aren’t we? Maybe I— I could have been looking to have an itch scratched. Without my Master, pardon me, pissing on my parade.”

In defiance of her pique, the Wolf merely cocked a brow. “Yunno, our Great Tengu said the self-same thing,” he remembered, “when I besought Her for clues. ‘Oh, I wager you, Outrider Yuuzou, she is but obeying that most base of summons,’” he cawed a fairly incriminating impression of her Master. “I did look in on places your ilk are known to pack together. No avail, ‘course. Whore-den here hadn’t much as crossed my mind.” He scoffed. “Makes sense, I guess. In retro-whatever.”

Almost hooked. “Whatever happens to me now?” Tsukasa trilled innocently.

And the trap closed.

And broke its teeth.

The White Wolf Tengu didn’t flare his nostrils, flash a shrewd smile or lean in conspiratorially. He didn’t clear his wine-inflamed throat. He didn’t coyly put forward a, ahem-hem, mutually beneficial exchange.

The set of his jaw was a wall. “Good question,” he said, levelly. “Good. Here’s what’s to follow, vixen. Screw reports. I’ll not make the mistake of kindly informing Her that She was concerned about monkeys fucking. I’m bloody bringing you in. Straight to Her. That ought to iron it out. Least one of us’ll finally not cock up with nothing to boast for it but—” His teeth gritted. “… Gather your things, if you’ve any. Or grab another drink, whatever. We’re off soon as my tail’s dried off. And no tricks, vixen,” he warned in a gut-deep growl. “I’m bigger than you. Stronger than you. If I’ve to get my hide tanned for roughing the Great Tengu’s ear-slicker up a little – I bloody well will. My brothers go to Hell; I’m a damned White Wolf.”

And that, his bulging beeves were saying, was that.

Tsukasa gawked. Conceit, which despite her bondage to Iizunamaru she still held in sufficiency, bristled at being so blatantly dismissed. Something else quite separate clenched in the pit of her stomach for the same, although different, causes. On one hand, there was a word for wolves who heeled – and, off-the-cuff belittlements aside, he wasn’t that. Which was… impressive. Attractive, even. On the other, words had begun to pall for the Tsukasa since damn Zanmu had hoodwinked the tube fox with hers, and her own being spurned – amazingly enough – hadn’t dammed the sentiment.

Words were a Tengu thing. A tool leased from her Master’s power. They had failed her.

But she was a tube fox as well. Tsukasa opened her eyes. Opened-opened them.

And there, clear as a welt on an unruly puppy-Wolf’s behind, was the crack.

… Not that kind. A crack in the wall. The smouldering gap left in his resolve by the Wolf Tengu’s grievances. And she knew, did Tsukasa – as naturally as one knows by the tang of the smoke what type of meat is burning in the stove – that Outrider Yuuzou was a cheat. He smelt of envy. Sour, of irony.

He envied his brothers their purported failures! And why? Why had they crowed – what an expression! – in high spirits, over spirits, how spectacularly they had bungled their irrespective missions? It was simple. Wolf-simple. Male-simple.

They had, because they’d wetted their wicks in the process. That had made it all worth it. The shame and the crop. And here was Yuuzou, the youngest, having bungled his own – except, ironically, the wick being wetted was in another room and another woman. And it rankled. Catching heat for his brothers – and yet catching no “heat” for himself to balance the scales.

Tsukasa blinked, fanned away the soul-smell-sight.

Well. All right.

… So then why wasn’t he jumping on her hooks like a wolf who’d walked in a vixen with her tail u—

… Oh. Oooh.

It was because he was a wolf. And she was a fox. And he hadn’t had it hammered into his head that species meant diddley where needs must and diddlable body parts were in evidence. He probably didn’t view foxes as sex objects to begin with.

That could be rectified.

Without warning and with virile speed, Tsukasa dove under the table. The Wolf snapped off a curse, lunging for his sabre. The fox seated him anew with a palm thrust out pitilessly at his groin. Her ears flicking, her hat knocked off in the passing, she emerged on the other side and stood up straight before her captor.

“No worries,” she said, saccharine, “and don’t you bother, Sir; even a tube fox like me is smarter than to run from a White Wolf Tengu. Mm-hmm. However. I would entreat that you do this wayward servant of exalted Iizunamaru a favour.”

The Wolf, coiled as a spring, blow-dried his exposed fangs before growling, “… What.”

Tsukasa flapped a hand, as though it was no big thing, which was a lie. She’d felt it was. “Just,” she promised, “to validate my story.”

Saying which, she shimmied her hips and the rest of herself around. Thumbs were slipped under the waistband of her white samue bottoms. These Tsukasa then eased down around the rise of her butt – together with the fundoshi. Her fox-tail whipped free – giving offence to the Wolf’s nose, if the snarled profanity was telling – and settled at an upraised, sex-conducive angle.

With her hind quarters bared and trained at the male, Tsukasa bent over, unpadded chest to the table. There seemed to be a note of dawning discernment echoing in the sudden silence behind her, and she determined to drive it home. One on each flank, she reached her hands around her buttocks, fingers seeking purchase on the springy, sweaty flesh. They found enough for her purposes. Tsukasa swallowed down the thrill of the stirred taboo. Of adding on to Whore-den’s sordid reputation.

Then, she spread her rutting, slippery fox-pussy wide.

Cool air kissed her copiously pre-slicked vaginal walls. Their undisciplined muscles constricted, fighting her fingers, with each furtively tense breath. Tsukasa fixed her grip, put the screws on her roused lust – and dared cast a look back at her mate quarry.
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File 171555018794.jpg - (501.99KB, 1600x2000, 00248-3644012570.jpg)
“Will this do for a cue?” she asked, cordially.

The Wolf Tengu’s confounded, crimson gaze batted between her top and bottom halves. Had he not grown so damn big, he could have been staring right where he’d soon be planting his puppies…

Tsukasa’s belly fluttered at the thought. Simple sex would’ve taken the edge off; was she really about to allow this brute to spill his seed inside her?

Yes, her pussy and womb were clamouring in tandem. Yes, yes, yes!

Something congealed behind the veneer of bewilderment. It hovered on Yuuzou’s tongue, hopefully. “… You’re a fox,” came the tardy accusation.

“And you are a wolf,” Tsukasa agreed, pleasantly. “Close enough, I say. Wouldn’t you? Sir?”

Taxonomical preoccupation suffused the Wolf Tengu’s expression.

Tsukasa spurred her fingers for one more minute of effort. “Want the truth? No false modesty? Well, then,” she lied. “Imagine, I really have come here to have an itch scratched. Without my, ahem, ilk catching scent of it and tattling to my Master Iizunamaru. I am Her counsel and Hers alone; dallying with others could be… construed,” she said with what could, in the circumstance, be called self-restraint. “You and I, however, are civil servants both. We know these… trifling matters can be kept mum. And, to my very evident frustration, Outrider Yuuzou—” she feigned a moue of annoyance, “—I’ve found no luck thus far with these money-minded monkeys.”

“Hold, wait, hold fast,” the Wolf sputtered. “What you’re saying—”

“What I’m saying is help me—” help you, the fox didn’t add, “—get lucky, and I’ll no longer have a reason to resist you dragging me home – in or out of chains, as it please your service record. And, since we’re both Her victims here, I won’t let it slip that you filled my baby-room with your spunk – nor will you that I asked for it, in return. It’ll be our… uh, a trade,” she finished, drawing a blank.

The Wolf Tengu understandably failed to notice. He licked his lips. “… Here?” his service record pitched its last-ditch defence. “Now?”

Tsukasa nearly guffawed. Maleness was a malady with astonishingly common symptoms.

“Only a problem,” she said charmingly, “if you can’t satisfy us both quicker than that human in the storeroom.”

The sudden stiffening of things, least of them all shoulders, was the last thing she glimpsed ahead returning her gaze forward at their table’s privacy screen. They were nowhere her cleverest, but, before too long, the pieces fell gracelessly into place.

A hasty rustle, swish and clatter of sheath on bench, and the Tengu’s bottoms fell likewise. The rough, sword-calloused touch of a masculine hand on her bare buttock was a delight Tsukasa hadn’t ever entertained being so, well, entertainable in deference. Her lustrous, bushy tail stilled even stiller as her rear uprose on her tiptoes to meet the male’s approach.

Tsukasa felt the broad, warm tip of his organ further part her already vulgarly outspread labia. It strained a shudder of weakness out of each and every taut muscle in her small body.

“… Never had a fox,” mused Yuuzou, behind and above, even as he closed a fist around the base of her docile tail. “Guessin’, one way to see if we’re compatible.”

Tsukasa rallied. “Mm. I won’t hold my breath. Sir.”

The absence of a riposte was the worst call-out she might’ve not hoped for. Instead, the Wolf eschewed the feint in favour of a thrust right between her fanned-out defences.

Half by way of his own hips, half coercing hers by way of her captive tail, slowly, savouring the illicit sensations, the Wolf Tengu conducted his long, engorged cock into the tube fox’s compliant pussy.

Two retrospective thirds of his relentless length hadn’t yet imposed themselves on the outer folds of her womanhood when Tsukasa’s eyes rolled in their sockets. No longer essential, her unemployed hands were flung forward to jab their nails into the wood of the table, while the Wolf’s rigid girth went on plying her entrance by itself. It’d been a smug blunder, not looking back; with no foresight of his size, it was everything Tsukasa could do to accept it and hope.

He wasn’t simply long, either. He was thick, and viciously bellied besides; each hearty inch passed between her stretched-out petals meant another one grinding brutishly along places inside her which had only known the delicate precision of fingertips before. Her fox pussy’s favourite spot to cum with succumbed to the underbelly of the Wolf Tengu’s cock going past – and prickled her belly with ecstatic tingles of submission.

She was not-so-silently contending with the fattest span of his shaft positively hounding her G-spot when she felt his huge, implacable hips run aground on her petite butt. He was in. All of him. From his base, throttled by her strained pussy lips, to where his tip was whispering tall tales of insemination to her virgin baby-room, Tsukasa had welcomed him in. They were compatible. They were more than compatible; he felt purpose-shaped to make a horny fox like her trade her womb for pleasure.

Grunting appreciatively of this happy happenstance, Yuuzou readjusted his grip on Tsukasa’s tail and reversed the concluded motion. All the excitements of penetration were inflicted on her worked-up womanhood backwards as his penis vacated her depths, leaving behind wet, needy indignation in its wake. Her pussy lips had glossed fully half his length with it when, all at once, the Wolf yanked on her maltreated fox-tail, sending her butt crashing loudly into his loins.

And moreover, his hard cock – plunging again, to the bulbous root, into her breeding hole.

Tsukasa whimpered, the laborious ecstasies of previous moments compressed into a single, powerful punch of bliss to her belly. The White Wolf swordsman accorded her no rest, striking while she was hot and bothered and in the ungainly process of lying across the table with only her legs dangling off the side. He gave her one more savage thrust, two – and then, having released her tail, slapped a hand down on either side of the prone fox. Never relieving her of an inch of it, he began stirring his stiffness around Tsukasa’s sticky honeypot. Hunting for an angle that’d wring her walls around him, and her voice – out of her treacherous throat.

The hunt wasn’t long. There was only so much space it had to cover. Soon assured by the noises she was making, the Wolf withdrew part of his tool, set his hips – and speared Tsukasa’s fox-hole at a sharp, downward tilt. His spear-tip cannoned into her G-spot, pinning it to the hard tabletop through the skin of her belly – briefly, before sliding on to remind the entrance of her baby-room of what was in the offing.

The Wicked White Fox she was, Tsukasa did not – could not – mount a resistance against being mounted this masterly. The throaty currency of her breath wasn’t even fully spent when the Wolf poised for another strike on her foible. Her pussy lips slipped smoothly down his length, condemned by their own natural effusions, as though they weren’t of vastly disparate stations, sizes or even species. Her pent-up, ruttish body simply didn’t realise or care for the difference. All that mattered was keeping her ass tweaked up so that his cock went on hammering her G-spot to the table.

Up and down. In! And ooout. Out and… In! Till she very well broke.

And break she did. Very well, too. The coveted orgasm didn’t rise; it burst from a reservoir of femininity Tsukasa hadn’t as little as grazed with her fingers. The Wolf’s frightful girth pried her cramping vaginal walls, thrown womb-deep by her rear jerking up in the beginning spasms of the climax. Tsukasa saw stars – and they weren’t those on the handle of the Tengu’s sword of office. Gingerly, gently even, he extracted himself from the sudden death-grip of her pussy, while Tsukasa moaned and drooled and whined into an unlucky sleeve. The sheer release of his exist set off another small orgasm, overlaid atop the ongoing one. Tsukasa sprawled, back arched, glorying in the rewards of sex, dimly glad that she’d gone to tinkle before the entire predicament.

In time, whatever it was, the Wicked White Fox had ceased gasping and mewling into her clothes like a juvenile vixen after her first mating. Head faint, belly aflutter, the peaks of her paltry breasts so stiff a brush was a torture, she eased herself up onto her elbows. The Wolf Tengu met her misty, backwards glance, with much-relished superiority. The dumb dupe. The tip of his erect cock, as tapered and lurid red as her ilk’s, peeked out over the valley between Tsukasa’s buttocks. It shone from a juvenile vixen’s worth of pussy lube.

A sneer split his mouth into a tight grin. “… Weren’t lying after all,” he praised her. “You didn’t hold your breath.”

Tsukasa inhaled. Swallowed. “Ahaha,” she obliged.

Yuuzou snorted, albeit not wholly without indulgence. “Well. Never mind a fox’s blather,” he said, airily. “Tell me, vixen. How was it? Clamped up like a prissy Crow there, you did. You ready to quit likenin’ wolves to monkeys yet?”

Tsukasa hazarded a simple frown. “… It was so-so.”

“… ‘So-so?’”

“Human man back there—” Tsukasa motioned with her chin; “—he didn’t call quits till, hmm, about after third round? That I could hear, anyhow. What I mean is, if this is your extent, Sir…”

The Wolf managed to look astounded with his cock sandwiched in a tube fox’s buns. Then, he shook his furry-eared head free of it.

“First of all, vixen,” he said, “I haven’t gone a single round yet, else you’d’ve bloody well felt it. Second, now… iffen you wish more, iffen you want to get fucked like a proper female,” he snarled, “rather ‘an a slut after getting her itchy cunt scratched like some randy monkey, well… That, you are going to have to ask for. Civil-like.”

Tsukasa smiled, all foxy coquette. “Ah, but do I?”

Yuuzou flashed his fangs. “Never said ‘with your mouth.’”

And, this oh-so-clever rib delivered, he thumbed open the part of her which would be decisive and no-handed his cockhead to the soused slit. And pushed in. No hesitation. No scenic stops, either.
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File 171555035831.jpg - (488.01KB, 2000x1600, 00268-1269649496.jpg)
Just like that, he was at her womb again. Just like that, the thick, raw girth of his cock had rubbed all traces of afterglow out of her pussy walls, clearing the figurative decks and girding the less figurative loins for another round of rough copulation. There was no flirting with unspoken ideas or gunning for orgasms now; not three thrusts later, the Wolf had settled into a steady, inexorable rhythm of canine breeding. The rapid-fire clap-clap-clap of Tsukasa’s dainty butt on his denuded waist was as good as a singularly impatient metronome.

And the only way it’d be put off its stroke, let alone stopped, would be the coda of a womb-deep, interspecies creampie.

Tsukasa wilfully ignored the aching of her elbows, head thrown back, shallow breathing clocked to the knock of his cockhead on her cervix. There was no more playing coy; this was nature taking its course, deadening her mind and body to the incoming impregnation. The post-orgasm sensitivity served only to melt the remaining defiance out of her hectically clenching vaginal muscles. Whenever he was out, she craved him back inside; whenever he was in, she wished him deeper in still, rubbing harder on those unfaithful spots that turned a hard-boiled tube fox into a tame female. Her pussy lips polished the swells and slopes of his red, bellied cock like he no doubt polished his curved sabre, the all-natural oil of mixed precum and pussy juice dribbling from her erect clit. A rogue trickle of spillover slithering down her inner thigh startled her rear straighter up.

Clap-clap-clap-clap it gavelled on, against the Wolf’s uncompromising loins. This, slightest, shift in the latitude of insertion introduced the brunt of his breeding thrusts to entirely new areas of Tsukasa’s unsuspecting womanhood. The fox’s fuzzy head snapped upright on its own accord, ears shooting up bolt-straight, even as her mouth warped into an O of near-hyperventilation. She panted like a hound-dog after a gallop. The first slip of already tenuous self-control saw those collapse into strangled yips of helpless glee.

… Scratch that. Nowhere near strangled enough.

The Wolf Tengu laughed – swallowed air – and managed to master his voice enough to taunt, “And there’s, hfff, your ansss—answer!”

Unaware how, main cheek maybe, Tsukasa mastered hers. “Nnnot—haaa! Yyyet!” she eked out, not bothering to look. “You havennn’t—my most, haaa, my most importannnt—”

“Matter of time!” barked the Wolf.

“You nnnever, hnhaaah, never know—” Tsukasa’s lips struggled with the syllables, at the same time as those of her pussy struggled with the Wolf’s circumference. “It’ll be, mmm, my first—my first, hhh, one! You may nnnot, may not, mmmay—”

Whatever feeble snub she’d been about to deliver to Outrider Yuuzou’s perceived manhood, it was rattled out of her skull by the insistent turbulence of mating. All that clung on to her flitting thoughts was the recognition that she’d inadvertently spoken a truth.

It would, veritably, be the very first time. The first time the Wicked White Fox would take sex to its simplest conclusion. The first time she would permit a male’s essence to enter her young womb. There’d have been no forestalling it in their current position had she wanted to – and she didn’t. Her body wouldn’t hear of it anyway.

… And it would be the essence of a male who wasn’t even her own species! Ama-den had done a number on her. That the tube foxes’ reproductive process was a a whit more convoluted than that didn’t diminish the stark fact that a Wolf Tengu’s seed would soon be making overtures to her fertility.

Soon being, all being well, soon, because Tsukasa had an orgasm like a bastard boiling where the bulging underbelly of his cock sawed along her battered G-spot.

“… Your first time—” Yuuzou’s guttural question grazed the hairs of her ears, “—getting knocked up like a bitch in heat?

Tsukasa shuddered to the brush of her tail – inasmuch as she wasn’t already shaking all over from his hips percussing her rump. “Ye—mhaaa, yesss! My bab—baby room; it’s neverrr—never been occupied befooore!”

“Whyever, ghhh, do I doubt that?!”

The growl of his voice gusted down the nape of her neck. Tsukasa’s spine arched. This pleased the Wolf, who then bowed his own and closed his dagger-sharp teeth on the skin of her scruff. The Wicked White Fox made an altogether unseemly sound. To her own ears, most of all.

“I wasssn’t—” she whined, “—wasn’t, goinnng, th—to run!”

“Shup up,” Yuuzou mumbled around the mouthful.

Tsukasa yipped her acquiescence.

The rest was a race to the finish.

Somehow, by or despite the stoop-backed attitude, the Wolf Tengu sped his already barbarous pace. Somehow, the heartbeat gap of reprieve between her labia merely holding his cock trained at her hole and diving down its bulgy length shrank even shorter as said heartbeats did as well. Somehow, Tsukasa didn’t cream herself like a juvie vixen – again – from being taken, debased, dominated above and below by a male twice her size and thrice the sexual prowess. Her thighs and knees weren’t as much mush as they’d given up feeling wholesale. All that filtered through to the crowded, woolly forefront of her head were the sounds of frenzied coupling and the vivid awareness of the Wolf’s rugged cock pushing, shoving, cramming, filling – thrashing her treasonous pussy into sloppy surrender.

It’d be her favourite memory to finger-bang herself to for years to come – and to come to. The moment in consequence – and of consequence – especially. The moment the Wolf simply stopped.

And claimed her.

Tsukasa’s body seized impossibly still. There was no disobeying the impulse; once the wild motions had ceased, her body knew intuitively to do not the tiniest thing to impede what must follow. There had never been a more obedient tube fox than the one who gritted her teeth in a delirious grin when she felt the Wolf Tengu’s seed pipe hotly up his urethra. Never a happier or more fulfilled one than when she thrust her rear out at his waist to ensure none of his vigour would be wasted on her blissed-out pussy walls. The wages of heat were paid out in wringing, ecstatic thrills as her baby room received the first, copious injection of White Wolf Tengu cum. Then another. And another. And another yet, pump after pump after pump—and even the Wolf himself was staggered by his wolfhood’s rapacity and desire to put its whole stock in a tube fox’s womb, because his teeth squeezed—

—And broke skin.

Tsukasa yelped, flinched and came all at once. The sting of pain from the nape of her neck was drowned out by the twang of joy to each and every nerve in her slight body. Startled over the verge of orgasm, quaking, whimpering, it was everything and nothing the oh-so-Wicked White Fox could do but to trust the Wolf to keep the insemination going.

He would do so, too. So and beyond. Since, just then, just as Tsukasa had come to rue his hilted cock hampering the ever-so-rare vaginal orgasm, the canine thing at last decided to happen.

Yuuzou’s knot ballooned inside her.

Wedged in well past her glove-tight entrance, that feature common to male foxes and wolves both grew and grew and grew – till it was jammed up oppressively against Tsukasa’s poor, abused G-spot.

There was no escaping it; a second orgasm stomped on the tail of the first, shunting jerks and twitches of euphoria up and down her inoculated belly. Tsukasa writhed, nails scoring the wood of the table, deaf and blind to all but every single twinge and quiver pressing her G-spot against the Wolf’s distended stiffness, sparking the orgasm all anew. Over and over and over.

With a groan she failed utterly to register, the Wolf Tengu finished planting his seed in the tube fox’s womb. He smooched the slope of her taut neck with bloodied lips, as if to thereby stamp the certificate of their marriage. Or, if not theirs, then for sure that of their genitals – locked in post-coitus and full, intimate compatibility despite their differences.

Ten years later, the insistent pressure below her bellybutton deigned to recede, and Tsukasa came by degrees down, puffing and panting, from her multiple-climax high. Still domineering, still the male, Yuuzou manfully removed his cock, which’d returned to its impressive (normal) size, from the tube fox’s clinging pussy. Grunts of enjoyment accompanied her inner labia sliding slimily off his tip.

Tsukasa struggled to turn around. In a more than moderate success, she did, having somehow found her numb feet and stood with her butt propped on the edge of the table.

Yuuzou the Wolf Tengu was a picture, if it’d been cut out of one of those Crow publications never vended outside their own quarter, never mind someplace like the Ama-den. His sturdy thighs were dripping the squirt she’d sprayed on him while he’d been up to his balls spewing his own sexual fluid inside her womanhood. Sticky threads of it were dangling from her own crotch. There, at least, the trade hadn’t been merely in name.

The Wolf Tengu, nude from his waist down, leaned forward. Tsukasa braced, but for no expected end; rather, Yuuzou made a grab for his sabre, which he wiggled out of the tabletop with what might’ve passed for circumspect respect if he’d remembered to pull up his trousers first. He did that next, sheathing the sword, one-handed, in the same martial-smooth motion.

Tsukasa eyed the area where the hot mess – mostly hers – had been covered up.

“Ewww,” she opined.

The Wolf shot her a look. It didn’t need an adjective to be meaningful. “Know a hot spring a ways up the mountain we can wash up in,” he submitted. “You’ll not want to hang ‘round this watering hole anywise.”

Tsukasa flicked an ear. “Why not?”

Yuuzou thrust his scrubby chin out at the table and not much atop it.

… Or precisely nothing. The Kappa tankard was conspicuously not in evidence. Tsukasa’s sweat flashed cold.

“Came around when you was off humpin’ cloud nine,” the Wolf explained. “The fat one. Took the mug. Wasn’t none too impressed.” His mouth curled into a smug sabre-blade of teeth. “Guess that human must not’ve been so durable after all.”

The Wicked White Fox went whiter.

Well. That was a location burnt. Not that she’d figured on prolonging her stay. Having been nabbed besides, indoors all of a sudden weren’t as appealing as being out in nature. In the woods; possibly overdue for supper; possibly naked while the clothes dried over a cheery fire.

… Alone. Far from her Master. With a wolf who knew where tube foxes were the weakest.

Tsukasa gulped. This time, she may have outwolved herself.

A damp evening steeped the skies over the Youkai Mountain. Up on the highest balcony of Iizunamaru’s pagoda tower, the Wicked White Fox, Tsukasa Kudamaki, sat on a dingy stool, spine straight as a servant’s broomstick. An ivory comb raked the tangled hairs of her tail. A pang of pain briefly eclipsed her shivering from the cold. Too briefly.

The Great Tengu, Iizunamaru Megumu, may-Her-feathers-shed-unseen, made no matter of her squirming. Unconcerned by the chill, the biting wind, of her bare legs or likewise shoulders or the undone hair, she harshly pulled another snarl out of Her familiar’s (on any other day) gorgeous tail. The Tengu were lords of the wind; one did not shrink from one’s inferiors.

Tsukasa valiantly didn’t grimace. Even here. Even here in her demesne, so far above every other roof but for Lord Tenma’s as to be unglimpsable, the Great Tengu flaunted Her transcendence. Unassailable. Unashamed.

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She’d been dressed the same when Tsukasa had arrived: a sheer, blue negligee, strained from the volume of a matronly bust, atop colour-coordinated underthings which had left Her wealth of pubic hair peeking out over the groin. The sight of the latter had choked up Outrider Yuuzou, who’d escorted the tube fox even up unto her Master’s bedchambers’ door. The Great Tengu had all but ignored the gawping Wolf, disobliging him with a curt wave as she’d pulled Her wayward familiar into her boudoir. The door had shut on his questions.

There in the privacy of her sky-high apartments, her Master Iizunamaru had inspected Tsukasa from top to bottom, touching concerned fingertips to places that made and didn’t make sense. Her attention had stalled at the freshly scabbed-over teeth-marks on the back of Her tube fox’s neck. A vengeful hand had hovered over to one of the bell-pulls on the nearby wall, their pulleyed ropes criss-crossing the tower like a centralised nervous system.

… Then, the Great Tengu had changed Her mind. She’d collected a comb from Her bedstand and headed for the open balcony. Tsukasa had followed, needing not be bidden.

Though, not before furtively tugging the bell-pull her Master hadn’t.

That had been an aeon ago. Or minutes, though stretched to the point of verisimilitude.

The silence was worse than any rebuke. Tsukasa fidgeted on the stool, impatient. The wind whipped at her ears.

“… Would—” she spoke over it, if only to prove she could, “Would my Master like me to report?”

Iizunamaru’s calm, quiet reply didn’t sound bothered by the ambient noise. It rang clear here in Her queendom. “No need. All has proceeded to plan.”

“… Has it?” Tsukasa said carefully. “… Master?”

The Great Tengu’s laughter was mockery, indulgence and absolution all in one pearly note. “Has it not?” she asked. “My tube fox is returned. She is slaked, our commune is no worse for wear, our plumes untarnished. Is this not what you have planned, my Tsukasa?”

“I—I do not know of what you speak, Master.”

“Oh? Have I figured it wrong?” Iizunamaru said evenly. “Is this not what has transpired? Have you not finally heeded the call you have denied yourself so long? Have you not left my side so as not to therethrough do me harm – as your kin are wont to do to masters for whom they hold no respect? Have I not slipped a wolf after you, who I knew by familial association could be… counted on… to lend his assistance? It is one of the few things they are most decent for, those wolves. Have I misunderstood you, Tsukasa?”

The wind roared.

“This is what happened,” Iizunamaru said, and it was a question no more. “My loyal attendant flew the coop on a need perhaps embarrassing but perfectly relatable. She has been absent from my court for want of quick success, and so a peer of lower caste was dispatched to tend to her needs. The ignominy of such a resort will weigh on her, I am sure – for rumour, as tube foxes, always finds a crack. And, a tube fox who is wary of suckling on the teat of power to this degree, my dear Tsukasa, commands trust on balance. We win. Whatever else the rumour mill spins…”

“… Keels over to base scandal,” Tsukasa filled in.

“That is so,” agreed Iizunamaru. “Irrelevant though it may be to our conversation.”

Tsukasa peered over the balustrade to the courtyard down below, whence the keen and clash of swords had pealed out as the wolves on station fell upon one of their number – as though in response to some pre-ordained signal from the tower.

… No. No way She would have—

Hands span her around. Iizunamaru’s lips met her own. Tongue hoisted tongue.

The Great Tengu kissed Her fox familiar, savagely, possessively, while the lowly peer who’d dared stake a claim on her – even if it had been on her Master’s own orders – was brought to his knees and hauled off to the gaol.

Tsukasa didn’t watch. Couldn’t. Something else than Iizunamaru’s sake-tinged saliva was being forced down into her. It was power. It was what she would’ve taken without consent if she’d done what she’d done inside her tube. Iizunamaru poured it into her on Her own accord. Generously.

Flesh mended. The shrill wind became as still air. The press of needling, animal instincts in the hind of her brain hushed. The frayed edges of her existence she hadn’t even noticed – were seared back into earthly definition. Tsukasa was whole. Again. Herself.


The Great Tengu broke off the kiss. Her handspan-distant gaze was everything that Tsukasa hated, loved, loathed and craved.

“What I give to you,” Megumu whispered, “I give freely.”

A lie had never tasted more delicious. Freedom had never seemed so insignificant.

“I will protect you, as long as you are mine.”

Tsukasa smiled. The tube fox inside her contorted at the words. At the smile being genuine. At the love being real.

And tube foxes could contort.

“… Yes. Thank you,” she said, sincerely, “Master.”

… But she was a tube fox. Trickery was her meat. And so, as Megumu turned to pick up the comb, Tsukasa unloosed the sliver of power she’d pinched in ethereal claws. It went where she willed, to the one place Megumu had given a wide berth. The one place which might yet give her Master pause. To stoke such fires of jealousy as weren’t reserved for simple pets. A real scandal.

… Or not. Time would tell. For now, she sat and enjoyed Megumu’s oblivious preening.

She may have been outwolved. That was fine. Some things passed among fellow canines. A fox being played with by one only in name, however…

Well. That was a match yet in its first century.
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